Maryland Accepts Big Ten Invite, Press Conference Expected Soon

Melissa Stusinski

The University of Maryland's Board of Regents has voted to join the Big Ten Conference, leaving behind the league it helped create in 1953.

The news was confirmed by Patricia Florestano, a member of the Board of Regents, who stated that the regents voted to apply for admission to the Big Ten, reports USA Today. Florestano stated:

"There was certainly discussion about the tradition of the ACC. And the question is what's the future. And we've got to look to the future."

The Big Ten will also be holding a press conference at 4 pm, which will include Delaney, Loh, Kirwan, Anderson, and University of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman. Loh stated:

"I did it to guarantee the long-term future of Maryland athletics. No future president will have to worry about cutting teams or that Maryland athletics will be at risk."

Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford released a statement about Maryland leaving the conference, giving his best wishes to the university and all people who are associated with it. There is an exit fee of $50 million to leave the ACC conference, but sources at the university believe they will be able to negotiate it to a lower amount.

Are you happy to see the University of Maryland join the Big Ten Conference, or should they stay with the ACC?