Did Milo Ventimiglia Reveal How Jack Dies On ‘This Is Us’? [Spoilers]

Fans of the hit NBC show This Is Us were shocked at the ending of last night’s show. It was revealed that Kate blames herself for her father’s death, but Milo Ventimiglia — who plays Jack Pearson, the family patriarch — reveals that there’s a lot more to Jack’s death than has been previously revealed up until now. And what’s funny is, in that admission, Milo Ventimiglia might have accidentally revealed how Jack dies!

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That’s the word according to Refinery29, who sat down with This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia to get some insight into his character and how he will meet his end.

“Jack has years later decided to take up a drink again. It can’t be good for many reasons, and alcohol only messes up and further clouds judgment. So you got to believe that Jack’s judgment is going to be clouded in a time that he’s already really trying to hang onto his family structure. Even though he’s looking for that escape, that escape ultimately will come back and bite him in the a**.”

Further along those lines is what Mandy Moore told E! News that pretty much backed up what Milo Ventimiglia said regarding Jake’s fate. The station spoke to Moore and specifically grilled her about what we can expect from Jack’s marriage to Rebecca (Mandy Moore, as we all know, plays Rebecca on This Is Us).

When viewers last left off with the couple, Rebecca and Jack were experiencing some tensions because Rebecca was going on tour with her band. In addition to being away from her family for the first time in forever, Jack discovered that Rebecca and the band’s lead singer used to date, however briefly. That put a huge strain on their relationship.

But Mandy Moore continued to emphasize that this isn’t going to lead to good things for the couple down the road.

“To leave on a note of such—it’s just like the air in the house is so heavy. There’s so much that’s not being said between these two people. To just be leaving on this note, it’s the worst possible scenario. It doesn’t feel good. And I don’t think they’re accustomed to being in this place with one another.”

And needless to say, Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t make it much better for the viewers of the show. The Huffington Post also sat down with the actor, and he advises everyone to “get the tissues” when it comes to the last episode of the season, which will air next week.

Milo Ventimiglia said that Jack’s death will, in a way, be caused by his drinking.

“Get yourself a watching buddy, get some food, which you probably won’t eat. I don’t know, maybe you want a warm blanket or a puppy. Kleenex, probably mandatory. And yeah, get ready, it’s going to be a little stressful.”

But even after Jack dies, Milo Ventimiglia isn’t leaving the show.

“Dan Fogelman, our creator, said to me that no matter what, even though Jack is dead in the present day, that I’m not going anywhere. Even though when you do find out how and when and why Jack died, it doesn’t mean that the character is gone or I’m gone, its just you shift direction and tell a different story. He equates it to having a family album ― you open up to a random page and you just start telling a story based on that photo.”

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