‘Flip Or Flop’ Star Tarek El Moussa Talks Cancer, Getting Back With Christina

Tarek El Moussa has had a rough few years. In addition to his messy split from wife Christina, the Flip or Flop star and father of two went through not one, but two cancer battles.

According to a new report, Tarek El Moussa “went through hell” battling thyroid and testicular cancer in recent years and also endured a debilitating back injury in the years since he found fame on his hit house-flipping series on HGTV.

What’s more? Tarek El Moussa’s health battles ultimately led to the end of his 7-year marriage.

“We used to be so energetic,” Tarek El Moussa revealed to People Magazine on March 8. “But with the businesses and the cameras and the cancers and the surgeries and my back, we started losing that energy. That’s what led us to where we are.”

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While being treated for his illnesses, Tarek El Moussa became very emotional, and his hormone levels were “all over the place.” Meanwhile, Tarek El Moussa’s wife, Christina, was going through an intense round of IVF treatments after suffering a miscarriage.

“Those were the worst months of my life,” Tarek El Moussa admitted. “I looked like death… I wasn’t the happy, outgoing guy I once was. I was so miserable. It was a struggle just to wake up in the morning.”

Tarek El Moussa welcomed two children during his seven-year marriage to Christina, and since splitting from his wife in May of last year, he has been forced to share his time with Taylor Reese, 6, and Brayden James, 1.

“We lived through a lifetime of setbacks in a short period,” Tarek El Moussa said, looking back at the final years of his marriage to Christina. “And we were so busy, we never slowed down to be present with each other and talk about things that were bothering us.”

Although Christina and Tarek El Moussa attempted to mend their marriage through therapy, they ultimately decided to part ways last year, and in the months that followed their split, Tarek El Moussa moved into a new home in Newport Beach, which is 30 miles away from his former marital home in Yorba Linda, California.

“When you’re going through something like I did, you don’t realize how bad it is until you get out of it,” Tarek El Moussa added. “But now I’m happy, healthy and dedicated to what makes me the happiest: being the best father possible. Everything’s perfect.”

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In other Tarek El Moussa news, the television star recently addressed the possibility of getting back together with Christina after spending nearly a year apart during an interview with OK! Magazine.

“We were absolute best friends, we were soulmates,” Tarek El Moussa told the magazine, according to a March 8 report by Hollywood Life. “We were the couple that other couples would be jealous of.”

Although Tarek El Moussa told Us Weekly magazine that he had totally moved on from his marriage to Christina just weeks ago, he later told OK! that he and Christina had chemistry during their relationship. As for a future reunion, Tarek El Moussa said he could get back with Christina “maybe, like, 10 years from now.”

“It is one of those things where you just have to stay positive,” Tarek El Moussa continued to the magazine of his separation from Christina. “[I] just not to think about it.”

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