‘Little Women LA’ Shade: Terra Jole Claims Brianna Renee Doesn’t Have Postpartum

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Mar. 8 2017, Updated 10:35 a.m. ET

Little Women LA star Terra Jole is not here for the idea that Briana Renee is suffering from postpartum depression. Instead, the ambitious blonde reality star is suggesting that Briana’s biggest problem is her husband, Matt Grundhoffer.

Now that Terra Jole is done with her Dancing With The Stars run and able to put more time into her role on Little Women LA, she has been way more vocal about her co-stars on the Lifetime reality show. In a recent blog, Terra decided to throw a lot of shade at Briana Renee and her husband, Matt Grundhoffer, according to Reality Tea. Terra Jole said that Briana’s biggest issue is her husband, who has plagued their marriage with fighting and cheating while causing multiple rifts with Brianna and her friends, who just can’t stand by and watch him drag her down.

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Apparently, it wasn’t all shade from Terra Jole, who started out by complimenting Briana Renee for getting back into shape so quickly after having a baby. “Honestly, Briana looks great already,” Terra said of her friend. “She’s got an awesome body that popped right back into pre-pregnancy shape.”

Then Terra Jole tried to attack the idea that Briana Renee might be suffering from postpartum depression, something their mutual friend, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, suggested when meeting with Briana on the last episode of Little Women LA.

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“I have so many questions for her this episode. Like, are you going to give up on music again, Briana? What if someone doesn’t like your music, can you handle the comments, Briana? Matt, did my ears just hear that you want to fight? You, the man that has been arrested for violence, wants to fight at age 40? Right when I think I have the two of them figured out, they bounce off the wall and turn upside down. Who knows what’s next. Maybe Elena will say she wants to make clothes again?! Tonya will announce she’s pregnant?! Let’s get weird!”

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Terra Jole is right in a sense that things are pretty weird between Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer. It was during the last episode of Little Women LA that Briana’s 40-year-old (and not in amazing shape) husband announced out of thin air that he wants to train to be an MMA fighter. Matt proudly proclaimed that he wanted to learn jujitsu not only so he can fight professionally but also so he can protect his family. No, Terra Jole; this didn’t just come across as weird only to you.

While Briana Renee initially shut her husband down about his brand new MMA dreams, later in the episode, we saw her showing up at the gym where Matt was training. So, it turns out that he did end up getting a trainer, and he is pursuing this madness. Which leads to Terra’s question about whether Briana Renee is going to give up singing or not.

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It was during Briana’s plea to rehire a singing coach and continue her pursuit of singing that Matt sprung his MMA craziness on her. While we did see Matt doing some pretty interesting cartwheels as he trained for competition, we didn’t see Briana hire a singing coach or do anything to move forward with her plans. So, did she give it up because there was only room for her to hire a singing coach or Matt to hire an MMA coach? Let’s hope not.

“It’s so amazing watching [Jasmine] in her final days of pregnancy and her sharing her experience with postpartum depression was touching. I never knew that about her and I understand entirely what she went through because I experienced the same emotions after having Penelope,” Terra Jole shared. “Briana, just because you have a wacko as a husband doesn’t mean you’re experiencing postpartum depression.”

While the antics of a “whacko husband” certainly could lead one to depression, Terra Jole is right that she doesn’t automatically qualify. Hopefully, if Briana Renee really is suffering from PPD, she’ll seek help and get it under control. If not, maybe she can focus on all the crazy that her husband, Matt Grundhoffer, brings into her life and consider if it’s really worth putting up with his new MMA “career.”

For more Little Women LA drama, be sure to tune in to Lifetime on Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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