Armed Men Dressed As Creepy Clowns Chase Kids In Pennsylvania Woods

After a months-long hiatus, it appears that the creepy clowns that swept America last year are back, this time in Pennsylvania. And this time, the creepy, off-putting clowns that were spotted carrying pipes and shotguns, and they allegedly chased a group of children through the woods. The creepy clown phenomenon got its start in the woods surrounding a South Carolina apartment complex in 2016, and for months children across the country (and their parents) were terrorized by increasingly frequent, increasingly threatening, and even violent creepy clowns.

The bizarre plague of creepy clowns tapered off around Halloween, when a threatened Halloween night “creepy clown purge” touted on social media failed to pan out. Leading up to the October holiday, sales of creepy clown costumes and masks skyrocketed and some retailers even pulled them off of shelves in an attempt to put a damper on the problem.

Over the weekend, the creepy clowns reportedly returned for round two of freaking people out. As CBS News reports, the scary clowns were first spotted by a group of children playing hide-and-seek in the West Mifflin, Pennsylvania woods. The incident happened at about 4:15 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, and according to the kids, two men dressed as “scary clowns” approached them, armed with weapons.

The children understandably tried to get away from the men, and that’s when the creepy clowns began to chase them. The kids, including 8-year-old Dylan Milkowski, ran straight home and told their parents what had happened. According to Dylan’s dad Michael, the kids were yelling and screaming when they ran into the house. Even so, he didn’t believe their tale of creepy clowns chasing after them. At least not right away. Then, he saw the creepy clowns for himself.

“I said to my kids, ‘Are you lying or something?’ and they were like ‘No, we’re being really serious.’ I looked over and they showed me where they were and there’s two guys running up a hillside.”

When he saw the two men dressed as creepy clowns running away, Milkowski claims that he started screaming at the pair, but that they ran off.

“I just said ‘Hey what are you doing over here?’ and they just kept running and everything.”

According to little Dylan, the men were wearing clown costumes complete with creepy masks.

“They had clown outfits on. They had clown masks. They had pipes and they had shotguns.”

As Penn Live reports, the father of three said that one of the fleeing creepy clowns was armed with a shotgun, the other some kind of pipe. Immediately after the clowns escaped on foot, Milkowski called 911 to report the incident to law enforcement.

Police officers from two local Pennsylvania departments, West Mifflin and the City of Pittsburgh, searched the wooded area surrounding the latest creepy clown sighting for two hours after the incident. According to police, they found no clowns nor evidence of clowns during their search. However, the lack of evidence didn’t stop the authorities from beefing up patrols in the area for the rest of the weekend, just to be on the safe side.

Fortunately for the freaked out kids and their parents, nobody was injured in the clown-related incident. Even so, the news of another creepy clown-related incident is enough to set people on edge. Particularly because this one involved weapons and terrorized, apparently targeted young children.

Local police say that the investigation into the creepy clown encounter is ongoing; so far, no further sightings of the two clowns have been reported in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

As for the children who were chased, they were reportedly quite shaken up by their experience. Not too shaken up, however, to continue playing outside. This time with their parents watching over them and keeping an eye out for creepy clowns lurking in the Pennsylvania woods.

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