‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore Provides Matt Jordan Relationship Update

Is Kenya Moore back with Matt Jordan? The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta suggested that Kenya was still seeing Matt or at least still considering being in a relationship with him.

As the episode aired on Sunday, Kenya provided a relationship update. Apparently, she never did get back together with Matt. In response to a viewer’s tweet told Kenya she deserves better and that she should remain single until the right man finds her, Kenya said she and Matt broke up months ago. She admitted that the scenes showing her with Matt and talking about him now feel so old to her. Making it clear that she’s happier now without Matt in her life, she added her life has completely changed and that God is good to her.

On the latest episode, Kenya went to dinner with her brother and his children. Talking about her desire for marriage and kids, Kenya said that she had “a lot of bumps in the road.” When it came to Matt, she admitted that their relationship was volatile due to Matt’s violent outbursts.

“It’s been kind of crazy. We would get into arguments and he would come break a window in my house.”

Yet, Kenya added that Matt never put his hands on her, and she thought his violent outbursts were really just his way of getting attention from her than the result of a true anger problem. She also said that Matt treated her like a queen and always put her first during their relationship.

However, Kenya’s brother didn’t seem convinced by her defense of Matt. Kenya’s brother pointed out to her that she, as someone who wants kids, didn’t have the time to wait for Matt to grow up and become more mature. By the end of the lunch, Kenya began to wonder if she should heed her brother’s advice to truly move on. In a confessional interview, Kenya admitted that she has to be serious about what she really wants in life.

“It makes me think, what am I doing? I’m wasting time. Either I want the drama or I want a family. I want a family.”

On the previous season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan were shown being in a good relationship and had discussed having children together. While Kenya did express some reservations about the relationship because of Matt’s much younger age, it seemed she had finally found a man who was good to her and wanted to build a future together.

At the start of Season 9, Kenya revealed that she and Matt broke up after he became jealous and violent during a vacation together. After Matt unexpectedly showed up to a party and asked for a second chance, she agreed, but the problems continued and seemed to escalate. At one point, a security camera caught Matt breaking Kenya’s garage door window. When Kenya confronted him about it, he accused her of manipulating him and pushing him to such an action.

In another episode, Kenya canceled Matt’s plane ticket after initially agreeing that he could attend Peter Thomas’ club opening in Charlotte. Matt ended up driving there, and while trying to talk to Kenya — who was sitting in a car outside the venue — he punched the driver in the face when the driver rolled the window up. Afterward, Kenya tearfully told Cynthia Bailey about Matt’s latest violent action. After Cynthia met up with Matt and conceded to him that Kenya could be difficult sometimes, Kenya lashed out at her for taking Matt’s side.

As the Inquisitr reported, Kenya last week hinted that she’s either in a new relationship or back with Matt. Judging from Kenya’s latest tweet regarding Matt, perhaps she really has moved on to someone new.

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