'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Forbids Javi From Being With Isaac After Scary Incident

Teen Mom 2 drama is heating up thanks to Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's divorce. The couple, who are battling it out on screen and off screen, have fans talking about their rocky relationship since splitting late last year. Things have gotten so bad that Kailyn and her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, recently decided that Javi was not to be alone with their son, Isaac.

According to Wet Paint, during this week's all-new episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry was seen talking about a scary incident she had with Javi Marroquin. Kail revealed to producers that Javi came into her home against her wishes by sneaking in through the basement doors while she was home with a friend and her sons. Kailyn was reportedly very upset by Javi entering the home they once shared without her permission, and the couple got into a fight. The incident led Lowry to call Jo Rivera, who lives very close to her, so that he could pick up their son, Isaac, to keep him away from the drama.

"He went through all my drawers. I think he was trying to see if someone lived here," Kailyn told her producer. I got upset because he wouldn't leave. I called the police, he told me there's nothing I can do about it until the divorce is finalized."
Teen Mom 2: Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry's blow up fight revealed.
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Later, Jo and Kail talked about the situation and decided it might be best if Isaac doesn't see Javi alone until things calm down.

"You need to have something in writing because that to me is not acceptable at all," Jo told Kailyn during Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2. "I don't like picking my son up and he's f—king scared. If he's f—king crazy enough to just walk in your house then what the f—k else is he gonna do?"
Meanwhile, Javi didn't think the incident was as bad as Kailyn was making it out to be. During the episode of Teen Mom 2, he told his side of the story about what happened when he entered Lowry's home unannounced.
"I jumped the fence, the basement was open so I went in, went upstairs, he said. "She starts flipping out, she's like 'get out of the house.' The cops show up they're like, 'do you have anything on paper that says he can't be here?' She's like, 'no this is still his house. He's like, then we can't do anything."
Teen Mom 2: Jo Rivera stuck in the middle of Kailyn and Javi's drama.
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Later, when Kailyn Lowry arrived as Javi Marroquin's home to pick up their son, Lincoln, Javi refused to release the little boy into her custody, saying he wanted to take him to get a haircut. Lowry agreed, but the two ended up sparring over the fact that Marroquin is no longer allowed to be alone with Isaac. Javi accused the Teen Mom 2 star of sabotaging his relationship with former step-son. However, Kailyn explained that she's not the only one that made the decision, and that Isaac is also Jo's son, and that Jo is uncomfortable with the amount of fighting that is going on around the little boy.

Meanwhile, Teen Mom 2 fans now know that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are how officially divorced and have a custody agreement worked out. However, they are still going at it as Kailyn recently announced she was pregnant with her third child and is refusing to reveal the identity of the baby's father. Javi has stated that it is not his child, and he is writing a book to share his side of the story when it comes to his relationship with Kailyn. Currently, Lowry also has a protection order against Marroquin.

It looks like Teen Mom 2 fans will just have to sit back and watch the drama unfold as Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin figure out how to be civil to one another and co-parent their son, Lincoln, together.

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