Erin Dietrich’s ‘April The Giraffe’ Spoof Goes Viral, Watch Her Not Give Birth

Erin Dietrich is as frustrated as you are watching April the Giraffe not give birth, so the pregnant South Carolina woman decided to spoof the whole situation by sharing her own video, which has since gone viral. Even now, just like you can watch April not give birth, you can live-stream as Erin doesn’t give birth, either.

For those not familiar with the context of this whole weird situation, here’s what’s going on. About two weeks ago, according to Us Weekly, the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, put up live-streaming webcams in the pen where April the Giraffe goes when she needs some privacy. The very-pregnant female giraffe is about to give birth to her fourth calf with her mate, Oliver, and millions of fans worldwide are watching as the new calf is expected any minute now.

The problem is, as of this writing, April hasn’t given birth to a calf, which means that for a couple of weeks now, internet users have been captivated by watching a giraffe not give birth. What’s more, April’s due date has come and gone, and it’s been about a week since she was supposed to have given birth.

It all proved too funny for South Carolina mom Erin Dietrich to pass up.

On Sunday, the mother-of-soon-to-be-four decided to poke some fun at the giraffe not giving birth. The very pregnant photographer donned a giraffe mask, black leggings, and a sports bra, and for almost eight minutes, didn’t give birth. Instead, she paced back and forth, laid on her bed, did a couple of squats, and even busted some dance moves.

“Clearly we live an exciting life over here in the Dietrich household. All our friends have been making fun of me and my obsession with April so we just thought ‘hey we should order a giraffe mask.”

Within hours, Erin’s spoof video racked up an impressive 13 million views; as of this writing, it’s garnered almost 26 million views.

By comparison, according to BBC News, about 20 million people have, at various times, checked in with April’s cameras to watch her not give birth.

Facebook user Melissa Ann Williams Ramirez quipped that Erin’s spoof was a welcome distraction from watching April not give birth.

“I’m gonna need updates on this one now too. Who will have their baby first???”

Well so far, Melissa, it appears that neither of them has given birth. Erin’s personal Facebook page doesn’t yet mention a new bouncing baby, although it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that she’s had the baby and just hasn’t posted about it.

In the comments section on Erin’s video, several users seem to be having a good time with her spoof.

English Noel Smith: Hahaha this made me laugh so hard!!! Send this to Ellen DeGeneres!

Sallie Lynch Brown: A friend tagged me in your post because I have been glued to my computer watching April. You are too funny! It has totally made my day! By the way, good luck with the baby!

Alisha Anderson: I haven’t LMAO that hard in years. I am obsessed with April. Your now my obsession. Your baby is gonna laugh so much throughout his/her life. Good job Mama’s. You ROCK.

In case you were wondering, giraffes gestate for 14-15 months (compared to nine months for humans), so being a week late for delivery is not yet a particularly troubling concern for April. It’s not clear, as of this writing, when Erin Dietrich’s due date is, so it’s impossible to say how much longer she’ll continue to post videos of herself not giving birth.

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