‘Bachelor: Women Tell All’: Cat Claws, Inspiration, Cheese Pasta Rules The Night

It was one crazy time on The Bachelor: Women Tell All on Monday night, especially for Nick Viall. He is down to two women after dating and dumping a handful of others who were on-hand to confront him on exactly why he chose to send them home. Before he came out to sit in the hot seat, the dumpees seemed to duke it out among each other. While Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan had the world captivated with their ongoing feud last night, it may just have been Kristina Schulman who was the highlight of the show.

The girl with the Russian accent came onto The Bachelor to find love just as the rest of the women were hoping for. However, it didn’t happen the way she thought it would. Even though she and Nick seemed to have a great connection, he ended up sending her home heartbroken and confused. She asked Nick what he thought was missing from their short relationship. He didn’t really have much of an answer for her, but she may have gotten at least a little bit of closure anyway. As Gossip Cop had revealed, Kristina’s story seemed to touch everyone, including the other women who were vying for Nick’s heart this season.

She shared her story on an episode of The Bachelor when she and Nick went on their one-on-one date. Nick, as well as the rest of the world, cried along with Kristina as she told her tale of being in a Russian orphanage when she was just a little girl. She explained how difficult it was to leave the other children behind when she got the chance to be adopted by an American couple. Her story was heard around the world as she revealed last night that a few of those kids she knew from the orphanage had contacted her after watching her on TV.

Kristina got a standing ovation after her fellow Bachelor contestant Liz was in tears while speaking about how all of the pettiness that went on in the house was so crazy and ridiculous. She said that women should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. She was definitely right as there were plenty of cat claws that came out during the ABC reality show and at the Women Tell All.

The Bachelor in he hot seat.
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Corrine and Taylor were at it last night, but it seemed that more of the women were attacking Taylor more than Corinne. They thought that the mental health counselor was always walking around the Bachelor house with her nose in the air thinking that she was better than anyone else. She did later apologize to the other women. Taylor also kind of apologized to Corinne, but only the part about what she said about not wanting to be her friend outside of the show. It was all very crazy, to say the least. But Corinne did bring cheese pasta for everyone! However, Taylor didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as everyone else did.

The 24-year-old business owner did all she could to get Nick Viall’s attention and the girls called her out on that. They also complained about her infamous naps as well. The whole event didn’t seem to bother Corinne much at all. She told ET later that night that she has gotten the closure she needed. She is apparently very happy with how it all turned out.

“I definitely said everything I wanted to say. I think it went really well and I’m very happy with the outcome, so no regrets, all good.”

She offered no apology to Taylor at all, but Corinne seems to have put it all in the past and is moving on. She has now gone down as one of the most controversial and interesting contestants in Bachelor history.

It was not all about Taylor and Corinne as there was Liz in the hot seat talking about her one night stand with Nick months before she signed up to be on the show. In addition, the new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, came out to talk about how excited and honored she is to be the next one to find true love in front of millions of people.

Between Kristina’s encouraging life story, Corinne and Taylor’s constant bickering, and the other women chattering about heartbreak, naps, and emotional moments, it was one crazy gathering. What did you think of The Bachelor: Women Tell All? What was your favorite moment of the night?

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