Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani’s ‘The Voice’ PDA Backlash Continues

Blake Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani have faced a whole lot of backlash for putting their PDA on serious display during the first few episodes of The Voice Season 12, and it looks like the resistance from fans over their on-set flirting isn’t about to let up as the blind auditions continue.

Blake and Gwen continued to face hostility from fans during the March 6 episode of the NBC singing show, as a number of viewers continued to voice their disdain for the couple’s on-set flirting as the fourth installment of blind auditions aired, even calling the two “annoying.”

A slew of viewers took to Twitter to make it known that they weren’t too happy about Shelton and Stefani continuing to coo over each other on the show after a number of fans initially threatened to turn off the series last week during the Season 12 premiere after seeing Stefani sitting on Shelton’s lap.

“Blake and Gwen on The Voice is like an annoying couple that we all had in our class at school back then. Yes?,” Twitter user @ameelms tweeted out after Shelton and Stefani’s flirting continued on the March 6 show, while The Voice viewer @scottconstance0 wrote on the social media site, “The Voice season 12 [worst] season ever with Gwen & Blake ongoing affair. It’s about their love affair, not the contestants, wow!”

'The Voice' fans continue to blast Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani continue to face backlash for their 'The Voice' PDA
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“We get it Gwen & Blake are dating #thevoice” @rebeldemarjory added following the fourth installment of The Voice’s blind auditions, and @FakeDanUggla sarcastically added of Blake and Gwen’s flirting, “DID YOU KNOW BLAKE SHELTON AND GWEN STEFANI ARE DATING? I CAN’T TELL BY WATCHING THE VOICE.”

Other fans even noted during the March 6 episode of The Voice that Blake and Gwen, who returned this season after sitting out Seasons 10 and 11, continued to show their affection during the episode by noting that on multiple occasions Shelton and Stefani only appeared to turn their chairs for the same acts.

“Why is Gwen even a judge on The Voice [when] she only turns around when Blake does?” @heleyblittle__ asked, accusing Stefani of copying Shelton on the show, while @kkrystalicious added that Blake appeared to be doing the same and only turned when Stefani did.

“I hate that Blake turns only because Gwen turns and vice versa. #VoiceBlinds #TheVoice,” they wrote of Shelton and Stefani’s turns on The Voice.

While Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani continue to seem as loved up as ever on The Voice Season 12, their constant PDA has even been blamed for the show taking a ratings dip over the period of the three episodes that kicked off the new season on February 27, 28, and March 2, which marks Shelton’s 12th consecutive season on the singing show alongside Adam Levine.

Variety reported that the Thursday night instalment of The Voice brought in what it described as a “healthy” 10.64 million viewers, though that figure was down by close to 2.5 million when compared with the total viewers who ushered The Voice back in for Season 12 by tuning in to the Monday night opener, which claimed was watched by closer to 13.02 million viewers.

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton's 'The Voice' flirting continues to garner backlash from fans
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Blake and Gwen have not commented on the backlash surrounding their PDA and overt flirting on The Voice, though Stefani did continue to gush about Blake while tweeting along with the show on March 6 after joking about Shelton’s “cute dimples” during the broadcast.

The couple shared a flirty exchange on Twitter while watching the show, as Shelton tweeted that Gwen’s gushing over him may have actually steered contestant Micah Tryba onto his team after they both turned around for the hopeful during the blind auditions.

“You didn’t even realize that by talking about my cute dimples in your awesome pitch @gwenstefani, you only convinced Micah to join my team!” Blake tweeted to his girlfriend after Gwen gushed over his “cute dimples.”

Stefani then hit back at Shelton by telling her boyfriend of close to a year and a half, “That’s not even fair! #VoiceBlinds,” before seemingly hinting that she and Blake may finally be ready to put their flirting behind them and head into battle after another contestant picked her over Shelton after both turned their chairs.

“Your dimples didn’t win this time @blakeshelton, I did!” Stefani then tweeted at Shelton on the social media site after adding another member to her team, adding the hashtags #TeamNOTBlakesDimples, #TeamGwen and #VoiceBlinds.

What do you think about The Voice fans continuing to hit back at Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for their flirting on Season 12?

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