A Kim Kardashian Naked Cookbook In The Works? Not Anytime Soon [Debunked]

A Kim Kardashian naked cookbook? While some may not be surprised by the idea, and despite a National Enquirer report, Kim Kardashian is not turning into the naked chef in the near future. While she did get naked in front of the cameras before, and she did cook in front of the cameras before, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star isn’t planning to combine the two, according to Gossip Cop.

The naked cookbook rumor was started by a National Enquirer article that claimed the 36-year-old reality star has allegedly “found a new way to line her pockets, even when she doesn’t have any.”

“[Kim is] pitching publishers on the idea of a cookbook in which she poses nude next to her favorite recipes. Kim came across a copy of David Thorpe’s book Rude Food among some of her dad’s old things. She wants to do a cookbook and pose naked with all the recipes.”

Kim Kardashian, the naked chef? According to the report, Kim believes publishing nude photos next to her recipes, will “inspire” her fans to watch their weight, and keep to diet-friendly dishes, “even if the pictures are of Kim’s generous cupcakes.”

A Kim Kardashian naked cookbook? Not anytime soon. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

However, Hollywood fact checking website Gossip Cop bothered to contact Kim Kardashian’s reps following the nude cookbook report, and was told it was “100 percent false” – not only is Kim not working on a cookbook with naked images, but she also has no desire to turn into the new naked chef. (The Naked Chef was a BBC cooking show starring celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, which was followed by a book bearing the same title. Despite the name, Jamie was not actually naked on the show or the book).

While not planning to get naked, Kim Kardashian might actually be working on a future cookbook, with encouragement from her husband, Kanye West, who always asks her to prepare home cooked meals – just as his mother used to do. In an article from People last year, a source close to the couple claimed that Kim’s been upping her game when it comes to cooking, and she might consider collecting her recipes into her very own cookbook.

“Kim is starting to cook so much more than she has in her entire life. She’s actually considering a cookbook, and she’s pretty serious about it. It all started with Kanye’s encouragement as he loved when she cooks him food.”

According to the source, Kim is “testing the waters” by posting some of her recipes on her popular social media accounts, to see her fans’ reactions to them.

“It’s been great so far, people love hearing what she is cooking”, the source added.

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And while a salad may not be considered gourmet cooking, and even though when preparing it she was far from naked, Kim Kardashian did recently post a sexy video of herself preparing a salad, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The video was posted on the Instagram account of Kim’s friend, Carine Roitfeld’s, who is a former model and currently the global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar. Kim made the video in celebration of Carine’s account reaching 1 million followers.

“I want to celebrate, I wanted to make her a cake, but I don’t have any of the ingredients. But I do have the ingredients to make a salad, so I’m going to make her a celebratory salad.”

The video then shows Kim Kardashian seductively opening the refrigerator, and then she somehow manages to turn the handling of lemons and the cutting of cucumbers into an erotic endeavor.

So even though Kim Kardashian’s naked body was featured on a magazine cover in the past (that famous Paper Magazine cover that almost broke the internet), a nude cookbook is not currently in her future. But will we get a regular cookbook from Kim or at least more videos of her preparing meals? We’ll have to wait and see.

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