WWE News: WWE Trolls CM Punk Again On ‘Monday Night RAW’ At Chicago [Video]

He’s been gone from WWE for three years, but fans still chant the name of CM Punk. And on Monday Night RAW, WWE had thrown shade once again at one of its most controversial ex-employees, referring to him as a “loser” in front of his hometown audience.

Since his decision to walk out of WWE after Royal Rumble 2014, CM Punk has burned his bridges with his former employer, telling all later on that year as he appeared on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast that the WWE officially fired him on his wedding day and mishandled the injuries he suffered during his time with the company. Fans, on the other hand, have since taken to chanting Punk’s name at WWE events, usually when they feel they’re bored or annoyed with the match or promo they’re watching.

Sometimes, CM Punk chants are meant to be genuinely respectful to the “Straight Edge Savior” and his many accomplishments as a WWE Superstar. Last month, The Rock drew some controversy when, after Monday Night RAW went off the air, he told the Staples Center audience in Los Angeles about a scene that was being shot for the film Fighting with My Family, a biopic on WWE wrestler Paige’s family being co-produced by WWE Studios and The Rock’s own Seven Bucks Productions. According to Cageside Seats, this scene was a recreation of Paige’s Divas Championship win over Punk’s wife AJ Lee, and upon mention of Lee’s name, the L.A. fans reacted by cheering CM Punk’s name.

The Rock, for his part, acknowledged the chants and left a voicemail message on Punk’s phone. This was something WWE reportedly wasn’t happy about, according to ComicBook.com.

With last night’s episode coming from the Allstate Arena, Chicago area fans were again chanting the name “CM Punk!” on Monday Night RAW, this time in reaction to the arrival of RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. McMahon’s entrance was part of an angle involving RAW Women’s Champion Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks, but the audience nonetheless chanted the name of their hometown hero, due to Stephanie’s kayfabe role as heel authority figure and her real-life role as a WWE executive.


The video above shows Stephanie McMahon’s reaction to the “CM Punk!” chants, as she berates the Allstate Arena crowd for cheering for a “loser” like them.

“Well, you people certainly are predictable. All you Chicagoans are alike. You’re just like CM Punk, right? That’s right, you’re all losers. Thank you. And you always cheer for the wrong person.”

Last night’s CM Punk trolling on Monday Night RAW wasn’t the first time in recent months that WWE had dissed the longest-reigning WWE Champion in modern history while holding shows in his hometown. Last December, Stephanie McMahon had again stuck it to Punk, referring to his UFC 203 loss to Mickey Gall as Chicago fans were again chanting his name.

“If you guys could keep that up for about two minutes and 15 seconds, you’d last one second longer than Punk did.”

Stephanie McMahon’s CM Punk diss was the second she made at a Chicago-area RAW since December 2016. [Image by WWE]

Rolling Stone also noted in December that WWE has also taken actions to deal with die-hard CM Punk fans, including confiscating their signs and throwing them out of the arena. This also included an incident that took place on a Chicago Monday Night RAW show in March 2014, almost three years ago to this date.

At that time, Punk was still officially a WWE employee, but as this Chicago show took place not long after his walkout, the chants for his name were particularly loud. WWE would react by playing Punk’s ring theme, Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality,” but instead of Punk, fans got to see his former manager Paul Heyman hit the ring and cut a promo where, as WrestleZone documented, he blamed the WWE Universe for his former client’s walkout.

Despite all the chants for CM Punk on Monday Night RAW and other WWE TV shows and pay-per-views, it’s probably safe to say that fans won’t be seeing him back anytime soon. Punk, a.k.a. Phil Brooks in real life, is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with WWE doctor Chris Amann, who is accusing the former pro wrestler of making defamatory comments on his Art of Wrestling appearance from November 2014.

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