Beyonce Might Be Hinting Twins’ Names In Latest Pics And Yes, They’re Adorable

Queen Bey sure knows how to keep the internet buzzing. This time, she allegedly dropped clues that could possibly reveal the Carter twins’ names. Is Beyonce really hinting about what she will name her babies in a new Instagram post?

Last week, Beyonce took to Instagram once again and shared a short clip that sent the BeyHive into a frenzy. Apparently, fans are convinced that Beyonce might be sending out clues as to what her upcoming twins’ names will be. The 35-year-old expectant mother posted a montage of herself with her gorgeous pregnancy look.

In the said post, the “Single Ladies” singer can be seen wearing a stunning form-fitting, full-length green dress matched with a collection of jewelry adorned with emerald and ruby stones. Many were quick to assume that there was a deeper meaning in the images and that Beyonce has been trying to expose it brilliantly.

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Avid fans who have their eyes set on Beyonce’s every move have been trying to decipher the supposed clues in the post. Many believe that Beyonce will likely name her twins Emerald and Ruby, all thanks to the pieces of jewelry in the singer’s Instagram post. In fact, fans think that Emerald and Ruby fit perfectly with the name of Beyonce’s eldest child, Blue Ivy.

The BeyHive was quick to compliment the alleged names and share speculations online.

One fan confidently stated, “Is Emerald & Ruby going to be born this May?”

Another user wrote, “These babies are definitely gonna be named after gemstones. Lots of red, green, yellow/ gold, and white!”

On the other hand, some theorized that Bey has been trying to hint her babies’ due date and not the names.

One user suggested, “Beyonce has been wearing green & emerald’s a lot because of the birthstone for May. I think she’s telling us that she’s giving birth in May!!”

Another user also pointed out, “Notice she’s keep wearing green? Maybe this the title of her next album, or the name of one of her babies. She’s always giving us hints, we gotta try and figure it out.”

Beyonce isn’t a stranger to posting cryptic messages on Instagram. It can be recalled that last year, the Lemonade singer allegedly hinted about her pregnancy even before it was publicized. Beyonce posted a video slideshow which featured her fabulous Christmas ensemble. The short clip showed Beyonce wearing a blue dress with a plunging neckline while doing back-to-back poses.

The poses allegedly showcased stealthy clues about having twins. From holding her stomach to holding up a peace sign gesture, fans creatively deciphered the supposed hidden message.

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Despite her growing belly, Beyonce never fails to spend quality time with her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy. Recently, the two together with Jay-Z were spotted at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast in Hollywood. The mother and daughter tandem were picture perfect with their sophisticated matching green ensemble. Beyonce flaunted her baby bump in a $26,651 empire waist, light emerald shade, silk-chiffon gown.

On the other hand, 5-year-old Blue Ivy matched Beyonce’s outfit with a $34,303 velvet trim, a silk-chiffon gown that faded from jade to pink to plum and decorated with embroidered parrots on the bodice. Jay-Z also looked stunning with his Gucci denim jacket with an embroidered design at the back.

Beyonce also shared how she satisfied her cravings with photos of various movie theater snacks, including Buddy Bears Gummi Bears, Junior Mints, M&Ms, Nestle Buncha Crunch, Peanut M&Ms, Red Vines, Reese’s Pieces, Skittles, Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and more.

So far, Beyonce’s due date, as well as the gender of her twins, remains unknown.

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