‘Fallout 4’ Mods: Cascadia/Seattle Review, Creation Kit Developers At Full Steam

Fallout 4 mods are always coming out, but this Cascadia mod takes the cake which includes Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. This is interesting because Cascadia was historically a proposed name for a certain region of that part of the country in North America whilst in the process of trying to define its borders.

Now this proposed region has come alive in a post-post-apocalyptic world where civilization is on an upswing. This great content puts it at the same quality as those who created the recent Fallout 3 mod venues such as Megaton in the fourth sequel.


The Cascadia mod was announced in June of last year via YouTuber Nemo, who had touted it the “Biggest mod in Fallout 4 history!” That’s saying a lot, and to make a mod that includes a whole territory would be quite sizable.

Recent Update From The Cascadia Team

Last year, there were 18 people developing this mod and they even advertised last December for voiceover actors. In a recent update, as of today, Fallout Cascadia has reached a “staggering 70 members” contributing to the game. A PR Manager by the name of Dustin was also added and will be interacting with the community by replying to comments and messages, and be on top of their social media page.

They’ll also be coming out with some videos in the near future and will be in touch with their go-to YouTubers.

“We’ve also been in contact with a few Youtubers so you can expect a video or two coming out about the project in the not too distant future.”

It will be an entirely new game altogether. A separate entity, apparently. This sounds exciting as this may give fans the feel of a completely new game altogether. The team introduced today a new “pinball” weapon called “The Wizard.” They also showed off one of their creatures they’ll be working on, the Wanamingo from Fallout 2. Also, you should expect to encounter architecture synonymous to downtown Seattle.

As of now, the Fallout 4 mod has been coming together pretty nicely and YouTuber MrMattyPlays gave his review.

What’s It All About?

Fallout 4’s Cascadia mod developers gave a synopsis on their main website at FalloutCascadia.com.

Fallout Cascadia aims to bring the Fallout experience to the Pacific Northwest and let you explore the massive ruins of Seattle, meet the NCR once again, stumble across new enemies and factions – all through the eyes of our new protagonist – see you in Seattle!”

More continues as the game’s premise focuses on the city of Seattle and its surrounding communities which entail 80 square kilometers of land. Large settlements will also be included such as the Republic of Cascadia. The venue also takes place quite a few decades beyond the Fallout series of games. Specifically the year 2329.

To keep it accurate to the time period, developers intend on utilizing graphics in such a fashion that would represent a post-post-apocalyptic environment. So would this mean the developers will be filling in areas of the ground with some foliage?


There is a great montage of talented modders that are collaborating on the Fallout 4 Cascadia mod, some of which came from sizable modding projects themselves, most namely Beyond Skyrim.

Fallout Cascadia Improving Itself Beyond Fallout 4

Another great piece of the news is that the mod developers are going to address the shortcomings of the original game (Fallout 4). They intend to address each critique that was projected at the Bethesda created game.

“Everything from the stunted dialogue system to the lack of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. checks inside the game. We are carefully considering each criticism leveled at Bethesda’s game and using the information gleamed to make Fallout Cascadia even better.”

That said, they are open to more applicants willing to contribute to this massive mod because this will likely add to the diverse ensemble of what is to come.

The Fallout 4 Cascadia mod is for PC only and not consoles and the Creation Kit is the tool developers are using to create their fantastic work.

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