‘Fallout 4’ Mods: ‘Fallout 3’ Remastered, Megaton Redone, And Gritty Graphics

Fallout 4 fans will be delighted to relive their nostalgia of Fallout 3 via modders remaking locations from the third sequel. They went so far as to de-saturate the graphics most familiar with the previous game. This is indeed quite the creative genius on their part and it will be nice to re-explore this blast from the past vicariously through Fallout 4.

It’s not entirely a remake according to YouTuber MrMattyPlays as he has cited modder NafNaf of Reddit saying that “it’s not a remake of FO3, it’s a personal project and vertical slice of it.” This is all thanks to modders DogtoothCG and Unoctium for this fascinating mod.

The YouTube channel owner said that the third sequel was what introduced him into the post-apocalyptic wasteland as well as many others. This was likely the meat and potatoes of its introduction to a bigger world and Fallout 4 really went all out after that. You could say Fallout 3 was the gateway into open world gaming of this dystopian world.

There was a play-by-play of the visuals given by MrMattyPlays and the first one that comes up is the re-introduction of Lucas Sims who was the NPC who you would have initially crossed paths with in Fallout 3. Apparently, this is an iconic moment from the previous game that will tickle the nostalgia bone of many wasteland fans.

As mentioned earlier, there is a de-saturation in the graphics. This is almost to the point where there’s a brown tint to the environment. The Fallout 4 game is quite colorful, but the modders’ attention to detail even brought back the relivable grittiness of the environment. So they removed quite a good amount of color from it in the mod paying ode to the atmosphere most well identified in Fallout 3.

There was also shown an overview of Megaton that was derived from Diamond City as seen by the green structures that is synonymous to the third game.

Enter Springvale Elementary School. This was also another classic location and MrMattyPlays found this to be one of his favorite locations as it provided a creepiness vibe. It is one of the more well-known venues as this destroyed building with dangerous raiders indicates that whatever happened in the old world was truly over.

Fort Independence is also featured as part of the Fallout 3 mod in the Fallout 4 game which included the Brother Outcast faction. As you can see in the video, the mods’ creators indeed were staying true to the previous game in the current game.

The idea of doing the same mod for the Skyrim series as well as Fallout: New Vegas has also been toyed with.

That pretty much covers it. The mod is currently a work in progress and Redditors were highly impressed with the progress so far. One even suggested that if Fallout 3 and New Vegas were created to their “totality,” the gameplay would likely be never ending.

“If Fallout 3 and New Vegas were recreated in its totality in the Fallout 4 engine, I would play it forever. I wouldn’t ever go back.”

If you think about it, both were gritty games with older graphics, but with a fandom following of the franchise, people would likely play it no matter what spin or mod you would put with it. Reliving what is old and spinning it into something new is now a “thing,” including movies.

What do you think? Do you think this Fallout 4/3 mod will be worth checking out once it’s complete?

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