‘A Day Without Women’ Strike March 8: Some Schools Close For #DayWithoutAWoman

The so-dubbed “A Day Without a Woman” boycott, strike, protest, or observance on Wednesday, March 8 is already having a profound effect upon workplaces that rely heavily upon women. According to USA Today, Wednesday is International Women’s Day, and on that day, women plan to wear red for the observance of “A Day Without a Woman.”

For the “A Day Without a Woman” strike, some women plan to protest economic conditions and treatment of women around the world by walking out of their jobs and marching in protests to show solidarity with other women.

In fact, so many people in the D.C. area have planned to observe the movement that the school district plans to close for “A Day Without a Woman,” according to the Hill. And they aren’t the only school district closing on March 8. However, the D.C. Public Schools Twitter account released a statement saying everyone was expected to come to school on Wednesday, March 8.

The Alexandria City schools are closing on Wednesday to reflect “A Day Without a Woman,” — or “A Day Without Women,” according to WUSA9. With 300 staff members requesting the day off for “A Day Without a Woman,” the school district reported that the decision wasn’t taken lightly to close schools that day.

In order to observe “A Day Without Women” or “A Day Without a Woman,” as some are calling Wednesday, both women and men are urged to not go to work and not shop unless they are supporting women-owned businesses or small businesses owned by minorities. People are also being asked to wear red. More details about “A Day Without a Woman” can be read on WomensMarch.com.

As seen in tweets like the following, not everyone is a fan of the planned “A Day Without a Woman,” with some detractors hoping the women who observe the day get fired.

“I hope those of you who don’t show up for work because of this crap get fired.”

Although the organizers are urging women to take the day off, both from paid and unpaid work, some women are already writing on social media that they don’t plan to take off of work, such as the nurse who wrote below that she did not want to abandon her patients, noting that she’d be wearing red scrubs to show her support for the movement. Other women who could fall under the unpaid work category include full-time moms, some of whom might not have the luxury of taking off the day if they don’t have anyone willing to watch their children.

“I cant, in good conscience, abandon my patients or risk my RN license for . But I’ll be wearing red scrubs in solidarity!”

Either way, the planned “A Day Without a Woman” is intended to put the focus on the importance of rewarding women with equal pay and to avoid sexual harassment and violence against women. Those who simply cannot take the day off of work can relax in knowing that the organizers of “A Day Without a Woman” plan to “strike for them,” with the organizers encouraging women who can’t take Wednesday off to wear red in solidarity.

Lots of rallies for “A Day Without a Woman” are being planned in cities across the U.S., from New York to San Francisco and plenty points in between. With planned walkouts and marches to observe “A Day Without a Woman” on Wednesday, March 8, it should be an interesting day for businesses and homes that rely on women tremendously.

Some of the comments flowing into social media about “A Day Without a Woman” can be read below.

“Make the most effective! I suggest a tactic from the NYPD. They call in sick w/ the blue flu!

In the top photo above, folks marched through downtown Los Angeles in honor of International Women’s Day in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 5.

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