Cortez Reed’s 17-Month-Old Daughter Shot In Chest; Reed’s Bulletproof Vest Photo

According to, police in Cincinnati have asked the public to pray for a 17-month-old girl who was shot in the chest by Cortez Reed. Authorities say that Reed is the 17-month-old girl’s father, but they haven’t yet said whether or not the shooting by Cortez was an accident or intentional. What is known at this point is that Cortez shot the toddler in the chest and torso region, leaving the little girl in critical condition in the West Price Hill area on Monday.

Update: According to Fox 19, police have called the shooting “accidental.” While Cortez is the alleged shooter, the court documents do not charge Reed with firing the weapon at his daughter. A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Police began a manhunt for Cortez, who can be seen in photos throughout this article, which are mostly mugshots that appeared on the “Cortez Reed” Twitter account. Police searched the nearby woods for Cortez, a man whom police state called them claiming that he would turn himself in. It isn’t known what police station Reed would use to turn himself in.

The response from the public about the shooting of a 17-month-old girl has sent the term “West Price Hill” into the trending section on Twitter.

Authorities discovered the 17-month-old when they responded to the incident around 10:30 a.m. on Monday in the 4200 block of Fehr Road. The toddler was transported to Children’s Hospital Medical Center in order for her to undergo emergency surgery.

With Reed’s distinctive look, easily identifiable from various tattoos on his face and neck and beyond, Cortez was described as wearing red pants and red shoes as well. A nearby witness saw Cortez flee in a gold hatchback car. Police considered Cortez armed and dangerous after the shooting of his daughter on the city’s west side. The witness claimed that Reed was attempting to hide his face with a hoodie as he fled after the shooting occurred at the single-family home on Fehr Road.

Cortez and his 17-month-old daughter were not the only ones inside the home when the tragedy happened. Two additional young children were taken from the home by Hamilton County Job and Family Services after the shooting. Police said the shooting did not seem to be a “typical street crime.” Instead, police called the shooting something likely different that the types of shootings they are used to seeing.

In the photos on the Twitter account named “Cortez Reed” — which was created in 2005, according to Twitter — Cortez is pictured putting his middle finger in the air in the largest profile photo at the top of the social media account. Other photos appear to show Reed with a gun in his waistband and donning a black bulletproof vest as Cortez raises his shirt to take a selfie.

Other photos that appear on the “Cortez Reed” Twitter account show a collage of mugshots, with some appearing to reflect a younger Cortez without any tattoos on his face. Accompanying photos appear to be a progression of booking photos, with Reed showing off tattoos in his face in what appear to be photos of an older Cortez.

Reactions to Cortez from social media can be read below.

Queenlala Lilbit shared LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV‘s post and wrote: “Why do people keep hurting these babies?”

Joshua Hughes shared Cincinnati Police Department‘s photo: “This d***** shot his own 17 month baby if you know where he is call crime stoppers.”

Joelle Quinn shared LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV‘s post and wrote: “This makes my soul cry. God please keep this baby girl in your hands along with her family. I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel. I couldn’t imagine this ever happening to mine. I don’t understand what would push you to do this to anyone let alone a child.”

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