Anders Breivik Writes Supportive Fan Letter To Alleged Mass Killer

Anders Breivik is up to his sadistic tricks once again, this time writing a supportive fan letter to fellow alleged mass murderer Beate Zschäpe.

According to Reuters, the letter began “Dear Sister Beate” before he began writing about her part aiding a neo-Nazi group in killing nine immigrants in Germany.

Breivik goes on to write:

“If you make it clear that you really are a militant nationalist, then you will be seen as a courageous heroine of national resistance who has done and sacrificed everything to stop multiculturalism and the Islamification of Germany,” he wrote. How Breivik’s letter got past officials at his prison isn’t clear, but it never reached Zschäpe’s jail cell in Cologne. Authorities believe she is the only remaining member of the National Socialist Underground, a terror cell that targeted Turkish and Greek street vendors in Germany.

According to The Independent, Anders Breivik also applauded the murders carried out by the National Socialist Underground (NSU), the opearting terror cell was which Zschäpe belonged.

Breivik has been trying his hardest to bring the spotlight on his person. The mass murderer’s last letter specifically pointed to awful prison conditions. Anders’ first letter was met with a big yawn from most people, who agreed that the mass killer is getting exactly what he deserves.

In the meantime, Anders Breivik believes that his own attack on Norway’s “political elite” was more effective than recent attacks because he did it as a national for the country he believed he was defending from immigrants.

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