‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Episode 503: ‘Call Me Miss U.S.A.’ Recap

In tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Call Me Miss U.S.A.,” we finally get to meet the second new housewife, Porsha, and sparks fly between her and fellow new cast member Kenya.

Last week NeNe made her Pride debut to plug The New Normal. Cynthia tried to throw a party in NeNe’s honor and was disappointed to see new housewife, and former Miss U.S.A., Kenya show up.

Kenya continues to be catty to everyone in her path, and tonight promises to be no exception as she butts heads with new cast member Porsha at a charity event.

NeNe heads to New York for an event and asks her ex-husband Greg to keep an eye on their son. Greg is still pulling out all the stops to try to win her back. She is still resisting his advances, but just barely.

Kenya meets Porsha, the new housewife. Porsha is the granddaughter of famed civil rights activist Reverend Hosea Williams and the wife of former NFL player Kordell Stewart.

She raises money for the Hosea Williams Foundation, “Hosea Feed the Hungry,” which she describes as one of the largest southern charities, but can’t remember the word “recession.”

She asks Kenya to appear at their next fundraising event. Their budding partnership hits a snag when Kenya feels that Porsha is prying too much into her personal life.

Cynthia is in New York at the same time as NeNe and is shocked to learn she has never been on the subway. She decides to take NeNe out and show her the city. Hilarious “fish out of water” moments ensue as NeNe is bombarded by fans and subjected to street food.

Phaedra meets up with Kenya for drinks and they start discussing their latest projects. Kenya volunteers to help Phaedra by producing her “Donkey Booty” exercise video. These two are really hitting it off, and, during the conversation, Kenya reveals more about her troubled family life and upbringing.

The night of the Hosea Williams Foundation event arrives, and right off the bat Kenya is disappointed by the lack of “star caliber” in attendance. Porsha described it as one of the biggest charitable events in the south but only invited 30 guests, which riles Kenya.

Porsha continues to anger her when she gets up and announces that “Miss America” is there. When she returns to her seat (after being publicly corrected by Kenya), Porsha hears nothing but negativity from Kenya. After complaining that it is too hot, Kenya steps outside with her friend “for air” and attempts to leave.

But she is waiting for her friend Lawrence despite instructions that no men were to be invited. Kenya wants to leave as soon as he arrives, and Porsha comes outside just in time to hear Kenya insulting her event.

What follows is the kind of catty exchange that Real Housewives is famous for. Who do you think won the catfight in tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Call Me Miss U.S.A.”? Was Kenya out of line for insulting her host during a charity event? Or was it rude of Porsha to address Kenya by the wrong title, and then tell her she was out on the curb “where she belongs”?

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