Latasha Edwards, Dammon Haynes: ‘Obsession Dark Desires’ Stalking Survivor Talks

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Mar. 6 2017, Updated 9:11 a.m. ET

On tonight’s Obsession: Dark Desires Investigation Discovery viewers will learn about the case of Latasha Edwards, a woman who was viciously stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Dammon Haynes. Law enforcement officials say Haynes threatened his ex-girlfriend even after she had contacted police several times to have him arrested. On tonight’s Obsession: Dark Desires show, which is titled “High School Reunion,” Latasha Edwards believes that she has met the man of her dreams until his jealous ways and violent behavior make her realize that she never really knew him at all.

Obsession: Dark Desires On Investigation Discovery

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Latasha Edwards was a single mom raising her child. Every day she woke up, went to work, and did everything possible to provide for her family financially. Not overly worried about finding love, Latasha knew that it would happen–whenever it happened. However, when she bumped into an old friend from school at her son’s game, sparks flew, and Latasha and Dammon instantly connected and reacquainted themselves with each other. Over time, he began coaching her son and confiding in her that life hadn’t been kind to him, and that he had some trouble in the past. But Latasha Edwards was not one to judge. Plus, she thought that everything was fine since he had been approved as a coach to young kids, Data Omaha states.

Before long, they became close and fell madly in love with each other, and even decided to move in together. According to Obsession: Dark Desires, that’s where the real nightmare began.

Once he moved in, Dammon Haynes became jealous and tried to control everything about her, from where she went to how much contact she could have with her friends. Haynes wanted to rule her house with an iron fist so that he could keep her subjected to him.

But, it was her house and her life, and Latasha Edwards was prepared to fight back. As the violent tone escalated, Edwards finally decided to break away knowing that this wasn’t the kind of relationship that was good for her child. Latasha Edwards kicked him out of her house. However, getting rid of him wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

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On tonight’s Obsession: Dark Desires, Latasha Edwards will describe the terror that she lived as Dammon Haynes continued showing up whenever he wanted. She finally took out a protection order against him, but even that didn’t stop him. What she didn’t know was that Haynes had a long history of stalking women.

According to Omaha, Dammon Haynes eventually became known as the “unstoppable stalker.” Yet, Latasha continued to fight back until Haynes was finally jailed.

Authorities say that even in jail, he tried to harass Latasha Edwards. And when he was released, he continued on his path of terror and even took up with Sharyce Smith, another woman who he threatened to kill, according to Case Text.

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“Haynes called Smith at least 44 times from jail. Haynes used other inmates’ identification numbers to mail letters to multiple people from jail, asking them to reach out to Smith. Haynes tried to get his son to “Swiss Cheese” (shoot up) the house in which Smith was residing. Haynes also offered $1,000 to a woman to get two of her friends and go “beat [Smith’s] a-s.”

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One judge decided that enough was enough and sentenced him to decades in prison. Dammon Haynes is not eligible for parole until after he has served at least 22 years in prison, KETV-7 reported.

But Haynes is not sitting quietly. He has been trying to appeal his sentence, using his terrible childhood as an excuse for his wrongdoing, court records show.

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“Haynes claimed that he was raised in a home where his mother was the victim of violent and repeated domestic attacks, which Haynes observed. He claims his stepfather would beat him on a nightly basis. He said that eventually, when he was in the 10th grade, his grandmother forcibly removed him from his mother’s care.”

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To hear Latasha Edwards’ dramatic story of stalking, tune into Obsession: Dark Desires tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. On a previous episode of Obsession: Dark Desires, the case of Mary Lynn Witherspoon, a beautiful teacher who was murdered.

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