John Cena Once Stripped In A Bowling Alley After Drinking Too Much

John Cena is the face that runs the place in WWE, even if AJ Styles has borrowed the catchphrase since becoming WWE Champion last fall. Cena is easily the most decorated WWE superstar on the current roster and has an unparalleled run at the top of the food chain spanning more than a decade which had previously been unheard of.

John Cena's resume outside of professional wrestling has started to measure up to the one inside it as well. He's long been the poster boy for the WWE, representing the company in a positive light whether working directly for them or using his sports entertainment stardom to tackle other ventures. Cena has starred in movies, hosted reality television series, and filled in for the Today show, to name a few.

Readers can often find articles on the internet with titles like, "10 Pictures of (Pick Your Favorite Superstar) the WWE Doesn't Want You To See." Scathing, invasive, click-bait columns that are designed to pull back the curtain on an individual's personal life. John Cena's name can certainly be counted among those targeted. The WWE is very protective of its top earners, but every once in a while, a not-so-flattering story emerges.

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The latest such tale comes from Ryback, who has recently made it his business to reveal backstage secrets or stories from the road during his time in WWE. Ryback and John Cena have a history in the ring, and The Big Guy has gone on the record in regards to his distaste for Cena in recent months. During the most recent episode of Ryback's podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy, he unearthed a story about a time he and several other WWE stars went bowling, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

"It was me, John Cena, R-Truth, and Santino Marella, so there were hundreds of people there. Well, this bowling alley had a bar and bowling lanes. We're up all day working, doing appearances all day, and it was great meeting all the troops and going on the different ships and seeing all the different cool things... the fans got to watch us do a two-on-two bowling game. I don't think I ever told [podcast co-host Pat Buck] this. And I think it was me and R-Truth versus Santino and Cena, I believe were the teams. And we did the drinking game where every frame or every round, the loser had to do like a shot along with our drinks that we're drinking. And I was f--ked up at the end of this."

john cena
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This came during a time, as Ryback alluded to, that he and John Cena and the other stars were doing appearances for military troops in Virginia, and fans got the opportunity to watch them compete in this game of bowling. As you can imagine, taking shots after each frame will add up. Ryback was pleased that he could out-drink the mighty John Cena, who has been known to hold his alcohol, but he continued with the juicy part of the story.

"I forget who saw him. I want to say it was like Ted DiBiase [who] saw him later that night because Cena has been known to put down a tremendous amount of alcohol and like he was a mess. He was like stripping at the bowling alley and he was doing some really dumb s--t. And I was f--ked up and I was like, 'oh man, this guy's out of control.' [DiBiase] goes, 'I've never seen him drunker.' I felt so proud of myself that I wasn't that bad in comparison because you always hear, like, how much he can f--king drink."

It wasn't clear from the podcast or article what year this may have been, and WWE stars have been visiting the troops in Virginia for many years. It might not cast John Cena in the best light, but it also humanizes someone who many look at like a superhero.

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