‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Varni Spills On Upcoming 'GH' Plots

General Hospital spoilers straight from GH showrunner Nathan Varni reveal key plot points on JaSam, CarSon, Friz, Julexis and more. Nathan Varni sat for an interview for the Daytime After Dark podcast with Carly Brockl and he spilled some major tea on storylines and General Hospital viewer concerns.

On Friday, March 3, ABC's Nathan Varni phoned in for a chat with Carly and other General Hospital fans that called in to ask questions. Varni offered insight into the fate of the 2017 Nurse's Ball, the custody case, Julexis, Lante, Friz, JaSam, and more stories coming soon to General Hospital.

Jake Webber Storyline

The next big story on General Hospital, according to Nathan Varni, is Jake Webber's (Hudson West) past on Cassadine Island. Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) will be involved as will Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) since all are co-parenting. Varni also called it a "ballsy move" for the writers to pair up Franco and Elizabeth.

Nurses Ball 2017

General Hospital is searching for a sponsor for the 2017 Nurse's Ball. Varni mentioned how costly it is but says they're hoping to make it happen. Bottom line is if there's no sponsor, there won't be a Nurse's Ball and he reminded Daytime After Dark listeners that the Nurse's Ball was not part of General Hospital for a number of years.

Less Of The Kids, More of Robin

A podcast caller asked about seeing more of Rocco on General Hospital, and it was not great news. He said it's "expensive" to have the kids on because of the cost of tutors and caregivers but promised General Hospital would "try to rotate the kids in and out" despite the cost. General Hospital plots have Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) on for the custody case then Jake.

Emme Rylan's Maternity Leave

Charlotte's custody case starts this week on General Hospital, and Varni said he hopes "you will be satisfied" with how that turns out. A bright spot is that they have, "no plans to replace" Emme Rylan for her maternity leave. Lulu Spencer will have a pause with Charlotte while Emme is out, but no recast. Varni also said Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) would "be an obstacle" to Lulu on General Hospital.

The Fate Of Julexis

Nathan promised General Hospital fans there is good stuff coming for Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Nathan said of Julian's attempt on Alexis' life, "He was under Olivia Jerome's power" over the last year of General Hospital. He added General Hospital would see the Julexis plot unfolding into Spring and the question is, "Will true love win the day?".

The Fate Of CarSon

Another couple in trouble on General Hospital is CarSon and Nathan said, "Sonny and Carly face some bumps in the road." He advised to stick with CarSon and hope they find their way. General Hospital casting news shows a possible new love interest for Sonny could complicate things. Varni said, "They had a difficult year… lots of pain." General Hospital spoilers from TVSource show more on this soon.

Casting Questions

A Daytime After Dark caller quizzed General Hospital's Nathan on a Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) comeback. Varni said, "Duke is dead for good" but added he would be open to Ian Buchanan coming back in another role "if it made sense for the show." When asked about bringing back Anthony Geary as Luke to General Hospital, Nathan said, "Tony is happy in retirement over in Amsterdam."

All The News Interruptions

A couple of callers mentioned the frustrating number of news interruptions disturbing General Hospital over the past couple of months. Varni said, "no one is more frustrated than myself" and promised the General Hospital team is working with ABC News and they hope it won't keep happening. Nathan sympathies seem to be with the viewers, and he sounded upset about it, too.

What Nathan Varni Wouldn't Talk About

One General Hospital couple Varni was tight-lipped about was Naxie. Ryan Paevey has been off General Hospital making a movie, and Kirsten Storms had a hiatus with her skin issue. When asked, "What do we have in store for Naxie coming up next?", Nathan's reply was interesting. He said, "That's one topic I really can't talk about right now" and then he stonewalled. Wonder what that means?

The full Daytime After Dark podcast with Carly Brockl and Nathan Varni is interesting and available without a subscription. These and other plots erupt soon on General Hospital.

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