April The Giraffe Has Most Watched Baby Bump, Watch Live Cam [Video]

April the giraffe is doing well, her belly is growing larger, and she has the most watched baby bump on the Internet today. April is a 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) located in Harpursville, New York. She’s currently pregnant with her fourth calf and lives adjacent to the calf’s father Oliver “Ollie” who is five-years-old. April and Ollie are quite a pair, however, due to April’s sensitive condition have been separated to protect her from Ollie’s rambunctious ways. As April’s due date cannot be determined, and signs of labor will be assessed by April’s physical condition, all eyes are on the baby bump. Will this be the week that April has her baby? You can watch the live giraffe cam in the video playlist below.

Watch Giraffe Cam Live Online


It was originally estimated that April would give birth towards the middle or end of February. That timeline has passed, prompting Animal Adventure Park owner to publicly state they were mistaken about the timeline. Patch shared in a video update that April and Oliver were observed engaging in mating behaviors in Oct. 2015; however, that didn’t conclusively prove April conceived in October. He also stated that giraffes fertility cycles run every 17 days, so the conception and subsequent due date could be 17 or even 34 days after their initial estimations. What is certain is that April is moving closer to labor and delivery and once active labor begins, April’s calf’s live birth will possibly be the most watched event in the history of the Internet. To date, more than 6 million people have watched April the Giraffe live online.

April the Giraffe Due Date is Delayed

April the Giraffe Timeline is Wrong

The Animal Adventure Park provides a morning and evening daily update regarding April’s current condition. This morning’s update discussed April’s growing belly, the calf’s evident activity, and her behavior during a recent veterinarian examination. Here is the full update as shared on the official AAP Facebook page along with a quote.

“3/6 Morning Update

April is in a much better mood today; but we completely understand her swings! She is a big girl and getting bigger. Last week, compared to this week, provides even further belly development and drop.

Though the morning is cold, they may get yard time in today – if conditions are safe – otherwise tomorrow will bring warm temps and hours outdoors!

Vet report is all positive and happy with progression.”


April the Giraffe: Signs and Symptoms of Labor

Those watching the live giraffe cam are paying close attention to April’s behavior as indications of signs and symptoms of labor. Many are watching her belly and monitoring any shift or change in position as the calf moves. Each day there is frequent activity, and you can clearly see the calf kicking from inside the womb. Active labor will begin with the onset of April’s mucus plug followed by the appearance of hooves. At that point, there will be two live streams documenting the calf’s birth. In addition to the YouTube giraffe cam, AAP will host a Facebook live video that will show the birth from a different angle. It is unknown how long the live giraffe cam will stream after the calf’s birth. There will be a future announcement for a contest where viewers can suggest names for the baby giraffe.

A photo shared in last night’s update is going viral, as many people say they see the imprint of a baby giraffe calf in the bedding. Is this a possible omen foretelling that April’s labor is soon to begin? Check out the latest and view the photo below. Do you see the imprint of a giraffe calf in April’s bedding?


April the Giraffe Gets Her Own Website

You know you’ve become a star when you get your own website, and now April has her very own website. There are many fake sites popping up online soliciting donations, selling fake goods and even promoting videos on a loop or saying that April had her baby giraffe. April is still pregnant, and there is only one official site providing the live feed. Report fake sites and videos as you come across from them. You may find more information on April’s official website below.

Are you one of the millions watching and waiting for April to have her baby giraffe? Are you watching the live giraffe cam?

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park (used with permission)]

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