Angelina Jolie: Exclusive Photos Show Jolie Out With New Mystery Man In Cambodia

Angelina Jolie was reportedly caught out with a new mystery man during her trip to Cambodia last month. Several reports began to surface a few days ago that allege Jolie had a new man in her life. The newest report from Radar Online includes exclusive photos of Angelina Jolie "dating" an identified handsome stranger -- with all six children in tow.

The "bombshell photographs" taken of Angelina Jolie, 41, and the mystery man were published on Monday and showed Jolie smiling while walking with the man in Cambodia. Jolie was reportedly in Cambodia last month promoting her new Netflix film First They Killed My Father, a drama that was shot in Cambodia two years ago. According to the Radar Online report, this particular mystery man had never before been seen with Angelina Jolie in Cambodia.

Over the course of four months, starting in 2015, Angelina Jolie filmed First They Killed My Father in various areas of Cambodia, and sources say this new mystery man was not a part of her security team or inner circle during that time. While there's no proof that Jolie is actually dating this new mystery hunk in the photos, sources also say that he's been introduced to Jolie's children and that he even bought Jolie's 8-year-old twins, son, Knox, and daughter, Vivienne, gold bracelets.

One source added that Angelina Jolie's ex, Brad Pitt, 53, will not be happy when he finds out that Jolie took their children "halfway around the world" to spend time with another man who buys them "trinkets." In fact, Pitt claims that he's fine with "never falling in love again," following his nasty divorce from a two-year marriage with Angelina Jolie. The Inquisitr previously reported that Jolie plans to be the sole guardian of her six children, three of which are biologically Pitt's, and other previous reports say that Jolie barely lets Pitt even speak to their children.

While the photos in question don't prove that Angelina Jolie is actually dating the mystery man, Radar Online suggests that they do prove the point that Angelina can be happy without Brad in her life. Jolie and Pitt spent 12 years together -- 10 years together before marriage -- and became known as "Brangelina," subjects of media coverage worldwide and one of Hollywood's "most glamorous couples," according to the Los Angeles Times.

Angelina Jolie's recent appearance in Cambodia for the premiere of her new film is her first official public appearance since her split from Brad Pitt back in September of last year, and according to People Magazine, she had all six of her children with her, as well as full security detail. Some reports say it's questionable that Jolie would be dating amid a custody battle with Pitt and that the new mystery man in the photos is one of her security guards, which would explain why he's seen leaving her hotel and shopping with her and the kids in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Fans of Angelina Jolie even agree that he looks like a bodyguard and probably purchased the bracelets with Jolie's money at her request. Other comments say that he "looks miserable" in the photos, while still others say that "he's definitely not a hunk," but it would be no surprise if Angelina Jolie wanted to date a non-celebrity for a change.

The story surrounding the exclusive photos is certainly a mystery, much like the true identity of the mystery man himself, but this most recent rumor comes on the heels of another fairly recent dating rumor that claimed Angelina Jolie was hooking up with actor Jared Leto, 45, who co-starred with Jolie in two films, according to Look Magazine. Jolie actually squashed that dating rumor, saying that her focus is on her children and finding a way through a difficult time, adding that she is currently "coping with finding a way through to make sure that this somehow makes us stronger and closer."

[Featured Image by Jordan Pix/Getty Images]