Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Today’ Video: Spokesperson Talks Trump, Wiretapping Buzz

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has created plenty of buzz lately during her talk show appearances, and as a result, the Sanders name is currently trending on Twitter. As seen in the following Today video, Savannah Guthrie kept trying to get to the bottom of the source of President Donald Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama allegedly had his Trump Tower wires tapped. It was a series of accusations that Mr. Trump tweeted on Twitter that Guthrie says left her shocked. As seen in the next video, Guthrie attempted to dig information out of Sanders, since Sarah is the White House spokesperson. Savannah asked Huckabee Sanders again and again if Mr. Trump’s source of the wiretapping accusations was from strictly media reports — or if President Trump had some additional source that the public didn’t know about.

After continually stating that the wiretapping claims were serious and needed to be taken seriously by the media, the White House spokesperson, who is Sarah, admitted that she hadn’t spoken directly with President Trump. Either Huckabee Sanders meant that she hadn’t spoken directly with Mr. Trump about the source of the wiretapping information, or Sarah meant that she hadn’t spoken directly with President Trump about any of the wiretapping accusations.

Either way, the name Sarah Huckabee Sanders is trending on Twitter, with more than 12,500 tweets surrounding Sarah’s recent interviews being published on Twitter.

As seen in the following ABC News interview, Sarah talks about the “potential” of the wiretapping claims happening, as Huckabee Sanders keeps saying “if this took place,” instead of claiming that the wiretapping actually happened, as President Trump claimed.

Sarah claimed that the bigger story about the wiretapping claims was not based on the source of the wiretapping claims, but whether or not the wiretapping claims were true or not. Huckabee Sanders said the alleged wiretapping incident would be the biggest abuse of presidential power in a long time — if not ever. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s tweets were a source of controversy, as noted in the ABC News interview, because President Trump claimed via Twitter that it was a fact that the wiretapping happened, instead of calling it merely an accusation.

In the following video, George Stephanopoulos continually stops Huckabee Sanders with what George says are untrue statements being made by Sarah.

Some of the reactions to Huckabee Sanders interviews on recent news shows about Mr. Trump’s wiretapping claims can be read via the below comments, which prove why Sarah’s name is currently a top trending item on Twitter.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders is hilarious. She thinks country style sayings told with a stupid southern accent can save Trump.

: “Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘I haven’t spoke to POTUS about that…’ But I’m here to be the spokesperson and rattle on repeat 2 u@MarthaRaddatz”

: “Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a FAKE CHRISTIAN helping a FAKE PRESIDENT spread FAKE NEWS.”

: “Laughing at the people just now finding out Sarah Huckabee Sanders is brain dead. Did you not see any of her interviews during the campaign?”

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders continues to repeat statements that do not make sense. I hope she is cussing 45 out under her breath. .”

President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up from the top of the steps of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base
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As seen in the top photo above, President Trump walked into the Oval Office on Sunday, March 5, in Washington, DC. It was upon Mr. Trump’s return from visiting Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. Florida.

Along with Sarah’s name, another top trending item on Twitter related to Mr. Trump is the phrase “Pause This Presidency,” which currently enjoys more than 6,000 tweets.

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