Michelle Obama Surprises D.C. School, Reveals 2020 'Plans' To Run For President

Does Michelle Obama have plans to run for President of the United States in 2020?

Michelle, less than two months removed from the White House as First Lady, still has rock star appeal -- and can melt someone into tears just by her appearance.

Michelle Obama shocked a group of high school students last week when she showed up on their classroom unannounced. Mrs. Obama, who calls Washington D.C. home for at least the next two years, made a surprise visit to Ballou STAY High School on Tuesday.

Many of the students, some overcome with emotion, began crying at Michelle's presence. According to the Chicago Tribune, at least one student stepped into the hallway to regain her composure.

Michelle Obama hugged everyone during her impromptu school visit and then sat among them for a chat. One student described the experience as nurturing.

"Once she came in, it was an inspirational feeling. She was so sweet and warm. She was like a mom," said 18-year-old Alliyah Williams.

Cara Fuller, the school administrator, said she only learned of Michelle Obama's planned visit one hour before she arrived. Students, ranging from 16 to 23 in age, were expecting Chancellor Antwan Wilson to host a discussion.

Instead, the Michelle Obama showed up and opened the floor up to a wide range of topics, one to include rumors about a future in politics: running for POTUS. Mrs. O said she has no 2020 plans to run for President at this time, despite the rising buzz on social media.

Protester holding up Obama-Warren 2020 sign in New York
Participants in the 'Not My President's Day' protest against the policies and person of U.S. President Donald J. Trump in New York. [Image by Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch/IPX/AP Images]

Michelle described how she met Barack Obama and the strict controls imposed on her while living in the White House. Obama spoke about having a desire to open up a window, but due to security concerns, it was forbidden. Fuller described the impact of Michelle's visit on the students.

"They just asked what her thoughts were on the current president and they were deeply concerned about the rhetoric that has been going around."

"These are students, students who no one says positive things to you generally, and it was really just to affirm their journey."

Overall, students were elated over Mrs. Obama's visit to the school. Apparently, it was an emotional roller coaster for many in attendance: there were laughs, tears and a lot of embracing.

As CBS News wrote in November, after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Hillary Clinton fans still vying for the first female POTUS began floating the idea of Michelle Obama running in four years. A #Michelle2020 Twitter hashtag was created to drum up buzz behind the unsanctioned campaign.

Months ago, Michelle hosted a summit at the White House on the issue of homelessness. There, a person in the audience shouted, "Run for President," to which the First Lady quipped about 2020 speculation, "Be quiet back there."

President Obama echoed his wife's sentiments over calls for her to run for the high office in 2020. He attended an event in Louisiana last January and fielded a question about Michelle running for President to keep his legacy going since he was bound by term limits.

"No, no. No, no, no... no, no," he said emphatically.

"Let me tell you, there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and Michelle is not running for president. That, I can tell you," Barack added.

Since she and Barack returned from vacationing with Sir Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands, Michelle has settled into a life in Washington.

Mrs. Obama has traded in her flip-flops, denim shorts, and beach attire for leggings at SoulCycle. Michelle has been trying to blend in with commoners and even managed to get in a workout session without being noticed recently.

Reportedly, the Obamas leased a friend's mansion for two years until their youngest daughter, Sasha Obama, completes high school. Their oldest daughter, Malia Obama, is working as an intern for the Harvey Weinstein Company in New York.

Do you think Michelle Obama has secret plans to run for President in 2020? If so, what do you think are her chances against the incumbent Donald Trump?

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