‘SNL’ Makes Fun Of Recently Arrested Comedian Katt Williams

Saturday Night Live is sure getting plenty of material following the weeks, they have the election, Hurricane Sandy, and bizarre arrests. Dipping into their goodie bag, the writers at SNL tackled the always amusing Katt Williams, and decided to cover his recent troubles with the law.

In the sketch, regular cast member Jay Pharoah showed up on Seth Meyers’ “Weekend Update” segment in full on Katt Williams wardrobe, which always tends to be on the more colorful side. During the spoof, Pharoah, who’s known for his impersonations on the show, gave a stellar performance as the wild Williams.

During the segment, Pharoah as Williams sat down with Meyers to discuss his October arrest, that occurred when the comedian pulled a gun out in Oakland, California. Seth Meyers, who appeared to be interested in his reasoning, is met with a simply reply of “pimp.” Pharoah as Williams further explained,” Look, you see, I am what is known in the industry as a ‘crazy, drugged up maniac,” which followed a rant on his drug use and being incredibly short.

This isn’t the only time Katt Williams has been in the headlines. As recent as this past September, the comedian was hit with many angry comments, after the comedian went on an anti-mexican rant. When asked for an apology, the comedian declined.

In addition to the Williams impersonation, New Jersey’s very own Chris Christie showed up on SNL to comment on what else, but Hurricane Sandy.

Do you think Saturday Night Live is on a creative high?