Brexit: The Queen Doesn’t Need Saving From U.S President Donald Trump

After President Donald Trump won the election, it should be common courtesy for him to be invited in Britain to meet with the queen and the British Parliament.

However, after hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition to un-invite Trump, British officials dropped their plans for Trump to address parliament.

“Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen,” the petition noted.

According to The Guardian, the address was cancelled to avoid “snub by MP — and president’s exposure to public protests.”

According to a source from Westminster, the visit, which is set for August or September of this year, will be carefully considered by both the government and Buckingham Palace. It was believed that the White House is working toward arranging this visit.

The source added that the plan is the “preferred option at our end.” This was said to be the perfect time for Trump to visit since that would be the summer recess of the parliament. The recess will run from Sept. 5 to 15.

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Because of the time lapse, this would mean that Trump will not be there to address the entire parliament. This led after Commons Speaker John Bercow mentioning that he objects to Trump’s visit in Britain.

As for the 90-year-old queen, the critics believe that she does not need any kind of support from Trump, nor from the people who think she “requires any such protection.”

According to Foreign Policy, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is well aware of the consequences of the Trump administration and she is not new in the realm of politics. For decades, the British family, including the queen, have become a “potent tool of British statecraft.”

Being mentored by the one and only Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II has an unparalleled skill in international affairs and politics. Though some may say Donald Trump is unlike any other politician the queen has encountered before, people may have been underestimating the queen, even at her age.

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“The queen has been here before, and knows very well what is required of her in situations like this one: She will replenish her stock of harmless questions and small courtesies, stiffen her stoicism, and receive the latest burden with smiles – but not too wide.”

The world and Britain have been startled after the Brexit, but Britain has thrived even after that. The stock market and the exchange rate have been equally stable.

According to MarketWatch, Brexit supporters have never been as confident as when they saw the FTSE 250 index for the month of February.

“The return to form of the FTSE 250 MCX, -0.36% is the unraveling of ‘Project Fear’ in its plainest form,” wrote Jasper Lawler, senior market analyst at London Capital Group, in a note earlier this month.

Project Fear was the name given to the campaign to leave the European Union. Though many thought the FTSE would fall down after the Brexit, the spikes just continue to rise even during the first quarter of the year.

Queen Elizabeth is not the type to back down, especially to a man. The queen has a large duty to perform, and some say this may be her last, though it is unlikely that she will retire soon since she “seems to believe her regal duty ends with her human life.”

Though some believe Trump’s meeting with the queen would put shame on her name, she may be the only world leader who could turn things around.

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