Justin Bieber Wows Fans With Epic Purpose Tour In Perth After Support Act Delay

Justin Bieber kicked off a four-night stadium run of his Purpose World Tour in Perth, Australia on Monday. The megastar wowed around 25,000 fans at nib Stadium with hit-packed visually sumptuous extravaganza which included a stunning firework display.

Bieber took to stage 35 minutes after his 8:15 pm call time because one of his support acts, Sheppard, was 30 minutes late on stage. Not surprisingly, that mitigating detail was not reported by media outlets, which mostly prefer negative Bieber narratives, even if that means making them up.

Sheppard’s stage delay was confirmed by numerous Bieber-dedicated fan update Twitter accounts who live tweeted the Perth show.

To date, the Biebs has performed over 118 Purpose concerts. Each went ahead on time. So, it is telling that some outlets chosen to headline a minor delay that was out of the pop superstar’s control.

The last time the Grammy winner toured Australia was in 2013 at the Perth Arena. Bieber’s current stadium concerts are an upgrade and a sign of the success of the Purpose World Tour.

According to Australian media, the sold-out show audience filled with screaming fans of both sexes, were virtually hysterical with excitement by the time the 23-year-old hit the stage.

Justin reportedly performed for 90 minutes, with most of his set taken from Purpose, his four-times Grammy nominated fourth album that was Australia’s fourth-highest selling album in 2015.

The Biebs touched down onstage after a spoken introduction before launching into “Mark My Works” inside a perspex glass cube. During his show, the pop icon performed chart-toppes “What Do You Mean,” “Where Are U Now?” “Sorry,” Love Yourself,” and more.

As has been noted before, the Biebs partly lip syncs during his concerts on songs in which he dances a lot. However, there is no artifice. The superstar did not try to hide that he was lip-syncing on those occasions. The priority is on giving an audience a seamless spectacle to enjoy.

Reviewers raved about the acoustic segment of Bieber’s Perth show, during which he sang “Love Yourself,” and “Cold Water” live.

Besides current and old chart-topping bangers and reflective ballads, other highlights of the show included Bieber telling the infamous “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side” joke, while asking for assistance in removing a bracelet.

During another moment of levity, the singer joked that he was “pissed” that he hadn’t yet met a koala while in Australia.

However, it wasn’t all jokes. As is tradition on the Purpose World Tour, the Biebs got deep and meaningful before singing the faith song “Life Is Worth Living.”

In a heartfelt onstage chat, the pop prince asked the Perth crowd, “You guys ever, you guys ever put on that brave face? Like everything’s okay? But really everything’s not okay.”

Justin added, “You ever just wake up and feel like you gotta hold it all together so no-one can see what you’re really feeling, what you’re really going through?”

“I feel that way everyday,” the singer then admitted. “I want you to know that I’m here with you and I’m going through the journey.”

Bieber said, “Thank you so much for being here with me. You guys are so special. Australia you’re so special.”

He went on, ” Look to the person beside you and say ‘You’re so special!”

“You’re so special. You’re extra special,” Justin continued. “It’s okay to let that guard down sometimes. It’s okay to show that vulnerability. We’re all human. We’re all going through the same things, maybe different, but we’re all hurting inside, so let’s stick together.”

The Christian pop icon always takes at least one moment during his Purpose concerts to connect with fans and share something about his own life experience to encourage fans to find and live their own purpose.

Australian news outlets noted the Canadian star visited a Skate park and enjoyed a run around the Swan River during his time in Perth.

Bieber also surprised a delighted fans when he left his hotel to chat with them.

The mixed group of young fans excitedly told the heartthrob how much they enjoyed his Monday show.

Justin also met a young cancer sufferer through the Make-A Wish foundation following his Perth show. The 23-year-old has supported the organization since the start of his professional career in 2009.

Since then, he has granted “wishes” for almost 300 terminally ill children and teens.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the superstar meets MAW youngsters at nearly every tour stop along his nearly Purpose trek.

Bieber next concert is in Melbourne at the Etihad Stadium on Friday evening.

[Featured Image By Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]