Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Have Lunch Date Following Justin Bieber Drama

What do Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have in common? Well, heartbreak is love for one, and apparently, the two are also good friends. Following Selena Gomez’s break up and public fight with Justin Bieber, Taylor, like any good friend, decided to step up and console Selena the best way she knew how — with a lunch date in Los Angeles, of course.

Could they have traded heartache over this bite to eat? Perhaps! On Saturday night, following a disastrous Friday night fight with her ex Justin Bieber, Gomez sought out comfort in her friend and pop singer Taylor Swift, over a meal at Osteria La Buca in Los Angeles.

According to a source that witnessed the meal between the two friends, Selena seemed to be in okay spirits saying, “The girls shared an Italian meal and seemed to have the best time. There were a lot of giggles and laughter. They looked like great friends and were also in deep conversation throughout the meal. Taylor was very protective of Selena and escorted her to and from the car.”

The source didn’t leak out what the two were talking about, but we can’t help to suggest that it might be about their recent love woes. Taylor Swift recently broke up with Conor Kennedy right after buying a home on the Kennedy compound, and of course Gomez had a lot of material with just Friday’s disastrous dinner with Bieber.

However, it looks like one of the girls might have found love again. According to reports, Swift is trying to make a go of it with One Direction’s Harry Styles, as the pair were seen holding hands during rehearsal for The X Factor. As for Gomez, she and Bieber split nearly two weeks ago, but decided to spend the weekend together in Los Angeles.

Tonight the best friends will be seeing each other again, as the two are both scheduled to perform at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

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