Bieber’s Disastrous Date Forces Him To Attend American Music Awards Alone

Bieber’s disastrous date with former girlfriend Selena Gomez may force the Boyfriend singer to attend the upcoming American Music Awards ceremony all by his lonesome.

According to Radar Online, the upcoming event is reportedly one of the main reasons Bieber was interested in mending his relationship with Gomez. Since the singer isn’t interested in attending the ceremony alone, he tried his best to get his former flame to go as his date.

The celebrity gossip website states that, should he attend the American Music Awards by himself, Justin Bieber may find himself seated next to Taylor Swift. Since she too will reportedly attend the event without a plus one, it makes sense to stick the pair together.

In case you haven’t heard, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no longer an item. While their break-up made headlines when it occurred, Bieber’s disastrous date with Gomez on Friday seems to have captured the attention of the entire world. After all, it’s not everyday that you get to see a pop star get shut down by his ex-girlfriend.

Gomez reportedly stormed out of a dinner with the Canadian singer after just 10 minutes inside the restaurant. Although nobody knows for sure what caused the pair to butt heads, Gomez apparently wasn’t having any of it.

Bieber, hoping to make things better, followed his ex-girlfriend back to her home. Unfortunately for the pop star, she had already locked the gate and wasn’t overly interested in letting him inside. To make matters worse, paparazzi managed to snap quite a few shots of ordeal as it was taking place.

Rumors began circulating that Gomez was none too pleased with how cozy Bieber was getting with model Barbara Palvin at the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. However, the other woman in question has since denied these allegations.

After Bieber’s disastrous date on Friday, he may be attending the American Music Awards alone after all.

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