Cate Blanchett Gives Stephen Colbert Surprise Answer On Where Her Compass Lies

Pang Chieh Ho

Blanchett was on Stephen Colbert's show to promote her Broadway debut The Present, a Chekhov play that has never been realized on stage before. The Present, a romance-farce-tragedy about people going through various mid-life crises, was updated by Blanchett's husband, the playwright Andrew Upton, to occur during the 1990s, when Putin was coming into power.

The ascension of Putin, the milieu in which the play is set, might hold special relevance for American audiences, Blanchett says. Though she didn't mention Donald Trump by name, Blanchett was no doubt referring to the current president of the United States.

"Andrew's updated it [the play] to the 90s in Russia, when Putin was coming into power in Russia - which seems particularly relevant to what's going on in this country at the moment - and with the rise of the oligarchs. So it's all about as you move forward in life, what's your moral compass and where does kindness and humanity sit in a really brutal world."

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Cate Blanchett also gave a flippant answer regarding her new movie Ocean's Eight. When Colbert asked the actress why the movie was titled Ocean's Eight, seeing as the first movie in the franchise was titled Ocean's Eleven, Blanchett skewered Hollywood and its female representation.

"Because only eight women work in Hollywood."
"[It's] awful. It's sort of like being married to the wrong person."
"Since this inauguration, this notion of the cultural elite has really gotten going, so anyone who has got a voice or success in the cultural industry is suddenly marginalized or their voice isn't considered significant or worth being part of the popular parlance. And they kind of handed it to the administration on Sunday night."