‘Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers Could Be Wrong: Will Nick Viall Leave Alone?

It’s getting down to the end of the journey for Season 21 of The Bachelor and fans are wondering if Nick Viall will finally get engaged or once again have a broken heart. Viall has struggled with his relationships somewhat this season and it leaves speculation open to the possibility that perhaps Nick will not find the love of his life during this journey.

Reality Steve provides spoilers for fans every season, and Nick’s is no different. While Steve is rarely not right on details throughout the season, there have been a few times he has gotten the final rose winner wrong. Could Nick’s season be one of those times?

During last Monday night’s episode, fans saw Nick’s first Bachelor heartbreak, Andi Dorfman, make a surprise visit to Viall’s hotel room prior to his rose ceremony. US Weekly reported on the meeting between Andi and Nick and shared that Dorfman was not there to give Viall too much grief or win him back. Andi was there to clear the air on a few issues and give Nick some advice about his Bachelor journey.


Andi confronted Nick about his comments on After the Final Rose which revealed the two had sex on their on fantasy suite date. Dorfman wanted to know if Nick regretted his comments on live television. Nick replied, “It didn’t take until now to probably be like, ‘Eh, probably not the best move,’ but listen, I do want you to know that my single biggest regret when it comes to you and I, when I said what I said, that it brought you a lot of heartache and a lot of pain. It’s something you had to deal with for a long time and I’ve always felt, you know, bad about that, and I’ve always cared about you and I still want you to be happy, and for that I’ve always been sorry.”

It was also during this visit with Andi that a particular comment was made in which Nick pointed out that the last time Dorfman visited him was to break his heart. Andi came back at Nick with pointing out that now he will be breaking up with 29 women. Viall stunned fans and Andi when he replied, “Maybe 30.” Could Nick really end up leaving The Bachelor alone? Do you think he will pick someone and become engaged?

If Reality Steve is correct once again in his predictions, Nick will not leave alone. Reality Steve has taken to his blog to reveal who will win Viall’s heart. Right now Nick is down to just three women that he will take on fantasy suite dates. According to Steve, Nick will send newly announced Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, home after the fantasy suites. The final two women will be Arkansas native Raven Gates and Canadian Vanessa Grimaldi.


Who will Nick choose? Reality Steve says his sources have revealed that Vanessa Grimaldi will leave with Nick engaged. The next question on everyone’s mind will be if Nick and Vanessa can make their relationship work. Steve shared that during Nick and Vanessa’s fantasy suite date in Finland they finally address the big question of relocating to be together.


Viall shares that he has never imagined living in Canada and can’t really picture it. Vanessa reportedly feels that perhaps Nick will be unable to make compromises in their relationship should they end up together. According to Steve, Nick and Vanessa do end up together, but he shares there is already trouble in paradise. Viall just agreed to compete on Dancing With the Stars and that in itself could put a strain on their new engagement.

Do you think Nick and Vanessa can make a relationship work or do you think Viall will actually just leave alone? The second part of the fantasy suite dates airs Monday night, followed by the two-hour Women Tell All special. The season finale of Nick’s season will air March 13 on ABC. The live special, After the Final Rose will air immediately following the final rose ceremony.

[Featured Image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Republic Records]