‘SNL’ Skewers Gen. Petraeus Sex Scandal [Video]

General David Petraeus didn’t appear on Saturday Night Live last night but he should probably get a guest credit. The General, who recently resigned due to an extra-marital affair, was the butt of several jokes last night on SNL.

Two skits were dedicated to the soap opera-esque scandal and Seth Meyers used Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, and Jill Kelley for several jokes during the Weekend Update segment of the late night show.

Saturday Night Live started the Petraeus jokes early with new cast member Cecily Strong playing Broadwell in the cold opening.

The segment featured Broadwell reading from her new biography All In. Broadwell has a pretty big audience at first as people seem interested in knowing more about General Petraeus but the audience loses interest when the biography turns into a sex novel like Fifty Shades of Grey.

Broadwell says:

“Forward operating base. Tehran, Afghaniston. July 2010. Block the door, said general Petraeus. And with my skirt still above my waist, I wordlessly obey.”

Here’s the cold opening from last night’s Saturday Night Live.

Jason Sudeikis then stepped into the shoes of Wolf Blitzer as he tries to find out more about Jill Kelley.

The best General Petraeus jokes came during the Weekend Update skit with Seth Meyers.

Meyers mocked the “untraceable messages” that were sent between Petraeus and Broadwell and the “shirtless” federal agent. Meyers also praised the scandal for making the show Homeland more believable.

Meyers said:

“Winner: ‘Homeland. Just when your plot twists were starting to get a little far-fetched, this story shows up and makes you look like a documentary.”