March 5, 2017
Selena Gomez Looks Clingy As She Kisses The Weeknd In New Paris Photos

Is Selena Gomez already getting too clingy in her new relationship with The Weeknd? Some sites and fans seem to think so, especially after new photos surfaced showing the 24-year-old kissing her new beau as he emotionlessly allows it.

Gomez flew to Europe to attend several of The Weeknd's (real name Abel Tesfaye) shows this past week. Of course, the new couple was also spotted out and about while in Paris where Abel performed during Fashion Week. Selena was photographed getting cozy with Abel as she planted a kiss on his cheek before jetting home to see her family.

The photo in question generated plenty of headlines, but the most interesting ones raise suspicions over Abel's feelings for Selena. It seems in almost all of their PDA-filled photos, The Weeknd is seen idly sitting by while Gomez gushes over him, and people are starting to notice.

One Instagram user commented on the photo, which was shared by Entertainment Tonight, as they pointed out Selena looks a bit needy.

"He's absolutely not into her."

"She's way more into him than he is to's evident in all the pda pix to date....he's like 'yawn.'"

"Exactly what I have been thinking. And we all know what happens when a girl is way more into a guy than he is with her. He takes her for granted and then drops her eventuality."

And fans aren't the only ones taking notice as several sites also reported on how one-sided the new relationship looks to outsiders. Radar Online reported on the Paris kissing photo with a headline asking if the singer's "getting desperate."

The article states Gomez was seen clinging to her boyfriend right before she boarded a flight to head back to the United States. This meant leaving Abel in Paris where his ex, model Bella Hadid, was also staying.

"Gomez, 24, was practically hanging onto her new boyfriend before leaving him to finish his performances in Paris — where his ex Bella Hadid was staying as well."
Perhaps it was the fact The Weeknd performed at the H&M show where Bella walked the runway that had Selena getting a bit "handsy" with her man. However, this isn't the first time she was seen showing unreciprocated affection.

The initial images of Selena and The Weeknd kissing that graced the internet are also extremely telling.

The pair was first spotted together in public January 20 as they left a Santa Monica, Calif. restaurant. In these paparazzi images, Gomez is seen leaning on Abel as he casually stands holding his phone. But obviously her clingy behavior didn't stop there as she continues to be seen hanging all over him.

The duo took a trip to Italy at the end of January, and Gomez was once again spotted leaning on her new man. Throughout their Italy getaway, photos showing Selena hanging onto The Weeknd continued to make their way to the internet as fans became painfully aware of the one-sided PDA.

Selena's family is also worried about her role in the relationship as she recently left rehab. Radar Online reports the 27-year-old Abel is known for his party boy ways, which is causing some concern.

"...readers know Gomez's family and friends are more worried than ever about her since she just left rehab in November and her new boyfriend has openly admitted to being a heavy drug user."
However, it's not just The Weeknd's extracurricular activities that have people worried, but also Selena's tendency to get overly involved with guys — AKA clingy. OK! magazine reported on why Gomez was still single following her relationship with Justin Bieber, saying it was due to her neediness.
"Selena Gomez is still single but there's a reason: She's too clingy!"
The site added that while going through relationship issues with Justin, Selena "wouldn't let him out of her sight."

OK! magazine then discussed Selena's brief romance with Orlando Bloom as it quoted a source saying she would "blow up" when she felt he wasn't paying enough attention to her.

"She'd lash out at Orlando like a madwoman whenever she felt he wasn't paying enough attention to her."
It was this behavior that resulted in Orlando dumping her, according to the site. And it seems Selena is repeating this clingy behavior as her new romance with The Weeknd continues to look one-sided.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]