The Feud Over The Name ‘Adam Goldberg’ On ‘The Goldbergs’ Is A Real Thing

Fans of the ABC show The Goldbergs know that it has been a running gag that the lead character, Adam F. Goldberg, based on the show’s creator of the same name, corrects people when they simply say Adam Goldberg, because he explains that there is an upperclassman also named Adam Goldberg, who is sensitive, grumpy, and gets angry when the two boys are confused. So on the show, The Goldbergs, the feud comes to a head, leading to a karate battle. But what many fans might not know, is that the creator of The Goldbergs, Adam F. Goldberg, who modeled the show after his upbringing in the 80s, is in a real life feud over the name Adam Goldberg with the actor of the same name, and at times, it has gotten ugly.

Adam F. Goldberg leans heavily on popular culture to tell the story of his upbringing in a Philadelphia suburb in his show The Goldbergs, says the Inquisitr. This season alone, Goldberg has done episodes based on The Brady Bunch, The Breakfast Club, and Karate Kid.

Uproxx explains that on this week’s episode of The Goldbergs, the character of Adam Goldberg once again mentions an upperclassman at his school, also named Adam Goldberg, who is very angry about having to share his name, so in school, in order to appease the older, grumpy Adam Goldberg, he calls himself Adam F. Goldberg.


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After several mentions throughout the seasons, we finally got to meet the “other” Adam Goldberg, who seems overly sensitive, with a chip on his shoulder about sharing his name. This is obviously a shot at the actor Adam Goldberg (perhaps best known for the movie Dazed and Confused and The Hebrew Hammer), who in interviews and on Twitter seems, well, grumpy, with a chip on his shoulder. On the show, the lead character Adam corrects people when they forget to say Adam F. Goldberg.

“Adam F. Goldberg. Gotta use the middle initial because there’s another Adam Goldberg in school, and he’s very mad about the same name situation.”

The premise of last week’s episode was that the show’s lead character, Adam, writes a review of the movie, Karate Kid, for the school paper, and someone forgot to add his middle initial, setting the other Adam Goldberg off.

“Everyone thinks I wrote this hacky tripe. I’m tired of the marketplace confusion. You gotta change your name. Now!”

This new Adam Goldberg on the show, The Goldbergs, even (intentionally) resembles Adam Goldberg, the actor.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the battle of the Adam Goldbergs has been going on since the show launched three years ago, and it just continues to get more and more surreal, with Adam F. Goldberg’s real mom, Beverly Goldberg (played on the show by Wendi McClendon-Covey), jumping in the middle of the Twitter feud to explain to Adam Goldberg, the actor, that the name Adam Goldberg is pretty common (it might be the Jewish equivalent of John Smith), and he needs to move on.

For the record, Adam F. Goldberg, who created the show The Goldbergs, never seemed to want to throw down with Adam Goldberg the actor, who has been in the industry for around 25 years, but the actor Adam Goldberg got nasty fast on Twitter, and made it seem like adding in a middle initial wasn’t going to be enough of a change to satisfy him. Adam Goldberg even gave interviews before the show was a success on how it was going to hurt him.

“I’ve had conversations with my representatives prior to the airing of the show saying that I anticipate this being an issue and how this affects me in an economic fashion.”

But seeing that one Adam Goldberg is primarily a writer, and the other, primarily an actor, fans should be able to figure it out.

What do you think of the Adam Goldberg battle that showed up on screen this week on The Goldbergs? Does Adam Goldberg, the actor, have a valid argument?

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