‘Modern Family’ Has Peyton Manning And Nathan Fillion On This Season

Modern Family is known for having great guest stars who drop in here and there, and this season, there are two new people guest-starring. Nathan Fillion of Castle fame already made his first appearance this season as weather man and Phil Dunphy’s new BFF Rainer Shine (who also asks out Haley). But coming soon, Peyton Manning will also have a cameo as a “sports tutor” for Joe.

Modern Family is known as a comedy show with heart, says the Inquisitr. Though some of the story lines are less than believable, most of the events in the show could really happen in the lives of many viewers. The cast seems to meld effortlessly, so when a guest star is on the show, everyone seems to roll with the punches, whether it’s a seasoned actor like Nathan Fillion, or a former football player like Peyton Manning.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara tipped fans off that former quarterback Peyton Manning was on-set by posting a photo of the two on her Instagram, says the Daily Mail. And considering that Vergara has over 10 million followers on Instagram, it seems that the secret is out. The photo was of Vergara with Manning unbeknownst in the background.

“Uggh #peytonmanning photobombing my pic.”


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Aside from cheeky commercials, his turn on Modern Family will be his first acting role, and fans will get to see him on the show in January. The former Indianapolis Colts QB will play Coach Gary, baby Joe’s sports tutor, who comes to the house to teach Joe how to throw and catch. When Vergara’s character, Gloria, fusses over Coach Gary, her older husband, Jay, a one-time high school football player, feels emasculated.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Peyton Manning met Modern Family creator Steve Levitan when they were both down in Mexico, and Levitan approached him about appearing on the show. Since Peyton Manning was a big fan of Modern Family, he jumped at the chance. Recently, Manning also served as roast master at the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe.

So far in this season of Modern Family, Martin Short has stopped in as Phil Dunphy’s “marketing guy,” and Nathan Fillion as local weatherman, Rainer Shine.

The New York Post said that, for the first time in a while, Nathan Fillion isn’t busy on his former show, Castle, and is able to lend his comedic skills to the hit show, Modern Family, playing Phil Dunphy’s new buddy, and accidentally, daughter Haley’s date, as a slick local weatherman, who Phil unwittingly set up with Rainer Shine.

“He is shocked and horrified but the reality is he kind of set us up accidentally. He hates it but it’s also all his fault.”

Fillion says he jumped at the chance to play kind, but cocky Rainer Shine, who meets Phil Dunphy on the set of his local news show, Talking Makeup.

“It’s kind of a niche for me to play characters who are vain, but don’t know that they’re vain. It’s something I’m practiced at. It’s very easy to laugh at a character who’s that stupid. He’s kind, he’s nice, he’s sort of charming, but he’s just so cheesy and so flawed.”

Nathan Fillion was freed up by the sudden cancellation of his show, Castle, which lasted eight seasons, and was likely a launching pad for great things in the future.

Have you seen Nathan Fillion on Modern Family? Are you looking forward to seeing Peyton Manning?

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