Chris Christie Hurricane Sandy Update On Saturday Night Live [Video]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who refused to comment on Twinkies, because he is “on Saturday Night Live enough” actually showed up in person on SNL last night to banter with Seth Myers about the Hurricane Sandy cleanup.

In his joking “Weekend Update” cameo, Christie started out by ironically claiming that New Jerseyans are “known for their patience” as the cleanup continues. The outspoken GOP governor then thanked the first responders and the Red Cross for their hard work, but did not thank the “stupid” mayors who ignored his evacuation orders. He also declined to thank the grandstanding TV reporters who needlessly put themselves in harm’s way for a live shot.

The governor also chided New Jersey residents for misbehaving while waiting on line to buy gasoline. “I get it, screaming at people in gas stations is a New Jersey tradition, but don’t do it during a crisis. There’ll be plenty of time for yelling once this is all over.”

Christie also poked fun about his official fleece jacket that he’s been wearing almost continuously in the post-Sandy effort. He thanked his wife for putting up with a husband “who smelled like a wet fleece for the past three weeks.” He added that the fleece was “basically fused to my skin at this point and that “I’m gonna die in this fleece–but that’s okay because it’s a good fleece.”

Watch the Chris Christie appearance on Saturday Night Live:

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