Doctors Starting To Refuse To Operate On Smokers? Here’s The Reason Why

Joe Burgett - Author

Mar. 4 2017, Updated 12:42 p.m. ET

By now it is common knowledge that smoking is bad for the human body, you don’t need anymore science to prove this, but it seems that smoking may now keep you from being operated on. It looks as if doctors are becoming hesitant to do surgeries on people who smoke due to the success of the surgeries being higher in those who don’t smoke versus those who do.

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A recent case comes out of The Charlotte Observer that published an article about a doctor turning down a patient for a back surgery due to the fact that he was a smoker. Some may see this as odd, and basically illegal in some ways. However, the article went on to explain why the doctor did so. The doctor did not want to proceed with it because the recovery and success of the surgery was going to be lower for this particular spinal fusion surgery.

This is not an isolated event by any means. An orthopedic surgeon explained that the results of surgeries aren’t as good for people who smoke, because smoking affects your blood flow. This makes sense to many, as blood being messed with will affect the body and its ability to heal. For example, imagine having a hose at home with little kinks in it throughout, the water getting through would be odd and it may get through…but it would take longer. From there, you see that the kinks affected the entire system of water going through when, if those were gone, water would flow just fine.


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