Malfunctioning British ATM Casually Dispenses Free Money

A malfunctioning British ATM giving out free money drew the attention of dozens of cash-strapped residents, according to the BBC.

Since everybody on the planet seems to enjoy the thought of a machine handing out free money, dozens of folks flocked to the broken ATM in hopes of getting some financial assistance. The line to use the contraption reportedly stretched down the block.

The ATM outside the Bank of Scotland in Rutherglen caused such a commotion that local authorities paid a visit to the site around lunchtime. As soon as they discovered what was happening, police immediately notified bank officials. The magic money machine was soon shut down, much to dismay of those who didn’t get their turn.

According to the Daily Mail, the malfunctioning British ATM was spitting out double what the user initially requested. Those only seeking $20, for example, ended up getting $40. It didn’t take long for news about the busted machine to spread; hundreds of people stood in line for their slice of the proverbial pie.

However, as many Daily Mail readers have pointed out, it wont’t take long for the bank to figure which of its clients ended up with some extra cash.

“If you took the money don’t be surprised to see the whole amount taken from your account. The bank knows exactly who you are, they have your card details and will be able to specify when the machines fault started to the precise second,” one person observed.

The Bank of Scotland stated that the branch would soon be in contact with “any customers who have been affected” by the ATM. In other words, you might want to make sure your account can withstand the sudden withdrawal the bank is about to make.

What do you think should happen to the people who used the malfunctioning British ATM to collect free money?

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