Pregnant Kailyn Lowry Claims She Needs ‘Protection’ From Javi Marroquin

In the midst of their divorce, Kailyn Lowry claims she needs protection against her estranged husband Javi Marroquin. The Teen Mom 2 star officially filed a protection from abuse order in court — and Marroquin didn’t take the news lightly.

According to Radar Online, Marroquin bashed Lowry on social media for the abuse claims and says he has never hit a woman.

“I never once put my hands on any female,” Marroquin stated. “I guess texting someone the truth falls under that now. I guess people are desperate when they have no ammo. They’ll make up lies to try and take me down.”

Lowry fired back by saying Marroquin is showing his true colors now that they aren’t together. A judge awarded Lowry with the protection order but Marroquin says that it wasn’t based on any kind of physical altercation.

Instead, Marroquin admitted that he harassed Lowry over text messages about the divorce and seeing other men. He then revealed that he’s already signed the agreement and cannot communicate with Lowry for a year unless it’s to talk about their son, Lincoln.

He vehemently denies ever getting physically abusive with Lowry and called the order of protection “pathetic.”

“Her and the world know I would never threaten or put my hands on her,” Marroquin stated. “As a man, I have my proof and will get out of it.”

A source close to the situation, however, says that Marroquin did more than send harassing texts. Cafe Mom reports that the insider claims that Marroquin also showed up at Lowry’s home and was aggressive towards her in front of the boys.

“They didn’t look for abuse and it wasn’t even a question since Javi signed the consent,” Lowry’s rep shared. “Kail’s first priority is and always will be her children. We ask all to please respect Kail’s privacy during this difficult time.”

As fans will recall, Lowry and Marroquin got into a heated argument on the current season of Teen Mom 2. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the altercation occurred after Marroquin discovered another man’s car in Kailyn Lowry’s driveway. Lowry refused to allow Marroquin inside and a huge fight followed.

Meanwhile, Lowry also commented on Marroquin’s upcoming book, Heartlessly Hustled. Marroquin’s tell-all is a direct attack against Lowry’s book, Hustle & Heart. While Lowry based the book on social media, Marroquin assured fans that his book will reveal all the details about his split, including his own shortcomings.

In addition to his book, Hollywood Life reports that Marroquin is focusing on raising his son, Lincoln. The Teen Mom star told fans on social media that he is “focused on Lincoln, work, and Crossfit,” and that he wouldn’t answer any other questions.

Marroquin later shared an image of Lincoln reading a book and captioned the photo, “My son, Follow your dreams I’ll pick up the pieces for you Love, your daddy.”

The recent drama follows Lowry’s bombshell that she’s having another baby. The reality star announced the shocking news on her blog but refused to give up the identity of the father. To make matters worse, Lowry and Marroquin divorced over the issue of having more kids. Marroquin wanted to keep having children while Lowry didn’t want to expand the family.

Lowry didn’t notify Marroquin of the pregnancy until she broke the news online. She did, however, inform her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera. Lowry claims that she withheld the information because she and Marroquin cannot have a civil conversation.

The identity of the father is still unknown, though there are a few likely candidates. That includes Tyler Hill, Jordan Wenner, and Teen Mom producer JC Cueva.

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