Alien Life On Pluto: NASA Confirms It Could Be Possible

Could there really be alien life on Pluto? Some scientists are starting to speculate this could be a real possibility.

Based on the data collected from the New Horizons space probe, scientists at NASA think there is a real possibility of primitive alien life on Pluto. Per Science Direct, the data from an earlier study suggested the complex chemical reactions that take place below the surface on Pluto are capable of forming alien life. Scientists believe Pluto contains a layer of organic haze as well as water ice mountains that were created through some unknown geological process.

View of Pluto from Charon. [Image by Vadim Sadovski/ShutterStock]

The New Horizons space probe was able to locate what may be organic material on the surface of Pluto. The space probe also found evidence to suggest an ocean of liquid water could be just below the surface of the planet. Scientists at NASA agree these combined components make alien life on Pluto a real possibility.

Pluto has the necessary ingredients for alien life

Michael Summers, a NASA planetary scientist at George Mason University who participated in the research, confirmed these are the ingredients needed for life – organics, energy, and raw materials, notes.

“I’ve been studying Pluto all my life, and never expected to talk about these things being there.”

Scientists believe primitive alien life would be most suited to live on Pluto – and would be capable of generating the chemical changes. As most know, the earliest evidence of life on planet Earth can be tied back 3.5 billion years ago. While life could have existed before that time, plate tectonics most likely destroyed any evidence to suggest it existed.

Pluto isn’t that different from the moon Titan

Michael Summers has also made a comparison between the recent discoveries on Pluto and research that had been done on Titan – Saturn’s largest moon. Scientists also believe Titan has a high probability of developing alien life as well. There are vast bodies of liquid ethane and methane located on the surface of Titan which could take the place of living cells. Back in 2010, scientists were studying an anomaly in the atmosphere of Titan which could have been created by organisms producing methane – confirming alien life could be on Titan as well.

View of Saturn from Titan. [Image by Vadim Sadovski/ShutterStock]

Back in 2006, the distant and icy planet Pluto was deemed by scientists not to even be an actual planet. Given this new data, it is possible scientists judged the small planet too soon. Could the planet be home to primitive alien life? Could humans one day take a trip to the planet Pluto? Given the fact that Pluto was shunned as being an actual planet, scientists such as Michael Summers never expected to have the opportunity to study the possibility that alien life could exist on the planet.

Humans probably aren’t going to spend time on Pluto anytime soon

While it is likely a bit of a stretch to think humans are going to be packing up and taking a trip to stay on Pluto any time – it is not too farfetched to believe there could be alien life already on Pluto. Michael Summers, as a man who has studied Pluto all of his life, is eager to have the continued opportunity to learn more about the planet.

Do you think there could already be some form of alien life on Pluto? Do you think the day could come where we are able to hop on a rocket and take a trip to the planet ourselves? Share your thoughts on whether you think there is alien life on Pluto – or some other planet out in space – with us in the comment’s section found down below.

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