Lorde Ready For A Powerful Comeback With Single ‘Green Light’

Lorde’s three-year wait to bring forth new music is finally over! She is back with a bang and all set to grab her position in the top charts.

Green Light” happens to be the first single of Melodrama, the New Zealand-based singer’s upcoming second album. This single is completely different from the dark, grim numbers of Pure Heroine, Lorde’s debut album launched in 2013.

This surprisingly cheerful song and the associated video depicts the singer criticizing her ex for being two-faced and disloyal, but ultimately overcoming this angst and dancing away strangely against a city skyline backdrop.

Just a few days back, she even tweeted out Auckland’s map, highlighting specific areas where fans can get hold of little glimpses of the upcoming music. And that’s perfectly true! Fans have reportedly uploaded video tweets of the music clips, which last a few seconds, that have been discovered at mystery locations. This hunt, to a certain extent, had also revealed the song title, which is “Green Light.”

Lorde with Clive Davis before the Grammy awards
LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 11: (L-R) Actor Lena Dunham, guest, Beck and Lorde attend Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Debra Lee at The Beverly Hilton on February 11, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage)

Lorde’s gravity-defying moves in the video, especially the writhing over the rooftop and the dangling out of a car window, has already gained huge recognition from the likes of Katy Perry. Hayley Williams of Paramore fame also praised the singer in her tweet saying that this new tune is worth having a dance to.

The 20-year-old singer has revealed that the music of the studio album Melodrama was inspired by the late David Bowie. Talking about this album, Lorde says that “this record is the coolest thing I’ve ever made.” As she confesses, for the making of Melodrama, she just needed to return back to New Zealand to be all by herself, so that she can figure out what her next creation would be.

She indulged in a lot of partying, going through all the feelings by herself, and ultimately came to the conclusion that “it was all so fluorescent.” All these experiences made her decide to name the album Melodrama.

“Green Light” is co-produced by Lorde with Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff and highly promising Frank Dukes. Throughout the song’s piano-driven track, the anthem-based signature of Antonoff is evident, but still, with wailing sprees and tempo changes, it is somewhat different from what Lorde has produced before, given the same heart rendering, sharp lyrics that made the Kiwi singer popular with “Royals,” her first breakout single.

Familiar as well as futuristic at the same time, the song creates a field for immense excitement as to how the remaining story will reveal itself with the arrival of Melodrama in summer 2017.

Lorde honoring Debora Lee

As Lorde reveals to Zane Lowe of Beats 1 fame, the song revolves around her “first major heartbreak.” She further states that the song is all about the moments immediately after your life goes through a change, and it records the “silly little things” one tends to think about.

Lorde also explains the joyous tone that is obvious throughout the song, in spite of the heavy and intense lyrics that are integral to its composition.

She compares herself in the video to a drunken girl who dances and moans about her ex, much to the disdain of the onlookers. “That’s tonight,” clarifies Lorde, which finally gives way to tomorrow, when rebuilding starts.

In 2014, Lorde grabbed a Song of the Year Grammy for “Royals.” She also became a part of Taylor Swift’s squad and rose to fame as a teen idol. Lorde is participating in a number of festival gigs at Bonnaroo, Coachella and Governor’s Ball, which are due the coming summer months.

Before that, she will be appearing on March 11 on Saturday Night Live.

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]