CNN Publishes Biased Articles To Make Israel Look Bad In Current Conflict [Video]

Commentary – News outlet CNN has shown a deliberate and harming bias towards Israel in their recent coverage of the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Their latest fallacy, shown above, is a picture they show of Israel launching a missile from the Israeli town of Beersheba on Thursday. The insinuation of the picture is that Israel is launching missiles at the Gaza Strip in the same manner that the terrorists are launching missiles at Israel.

What CNN is not saying (nor do they say in the accompanying article) is that the missile being fired is from the Iron Dome missile defense system. The Iron Dome has no offensive capability and only fires missiles to take out the rockets fired from Gaza before they slam into population centers. The Iron Dome is a joint project between Israel and the United States.

The war between Israel and the Palestinians is often fought in the media, with different media outlets supporting different sides and allowing their content to influence the way people see the conflict.

Recently there was a news report of a man being carried away on a stretcher after being “injured” in an attack on a missile production facility in the Gaza Strip. The film crew was touring the area and five minutes later the same man who was loaded into a stretcher was seen walking around the scene smoking a cigarette.

The biased reporting is not limited to CNN. Palestinian activists have also been circulating a picture of an injured Palestinian child over the last three days with a caption of how the bloody child is not even screaming because she is so used to the violence. What they didn’t mention is that the picture if of an Israeli child who was critically injured in a rocket attack on the Israeli town of Kiryat Malachi on Monday. The child in the picture is being cradled by an Israeli medic.

Do you think certain news outlets like CNN are biased against Israel?

Watch this video about CNN media bias

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