Huge Impact Wrestling News: New Name, Debuting Wrestlers, New Direction

Impact Wrestling fans knew that this was coming, but the changes made to the company seems almost instantaneous, and everything people knew about the former TNA Impact Wrestling has changed. The company has changed its name, brought in new wrestlers, let others go, and they have created a brand new direction for the company to travel in.

The New Impact Wrestling

The first change was to finally eliminate the name TNA from the title and simply rebrand the company as Impact Wrestling. Dave Meltzer reported that the company officially dropped the "TNA" name this week. and they told the crowd at the tapings that this was the case going forward, possibly to eliminate any "TNA" chants.

Huge Impact Wrestling News: New Name, Debuting Wrestlers, New Direction
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New Direction of Impact Wrestling

Interestingly, Impact Wrestling used the first episode of the new era to make sure the fans knew that this was a new era. Bruce Pritchard and Dutch Mantell came out and spoke to the crowd. Both men completely buried Dixie Carter and the old owners, and let the fans know there were new things coming for the company.

Pritchard was with the company recently, and reported that his return is just as an on-screen role. He was brought back because his podcast is so popular, and Jeff Jarrett hopes that his listeners will start to watch Impact Wrestling again since he is returning.

As for Dutch Mantell, the legendary southern wrestler was last seen in the WWE as Zeb Colter. Unlike Pritchard, Mantell is back as a booker and will book all the show's angles along with Jeff Jarrett. He came out and name dropped AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, and more, and he said that the former owners chased them all off. He said they would make Impact Wrestling great again.

411mania reported that Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell would book Impact Wrestling in an old-school style, where they make all the decisions, and there is little room for any compromise.

Huge Impact Wrestling News: New Name, Debuting Wrestlers, New Direction
[Image by Impact Wrestling]

Wrestlers Leaving Impact Wrestling

Jim Ross blogged about the changes in Impact Wrestling and warned fans that there would be a number of popular stars who left as a result. He said this was not anything against Jarrett, but it was just the way the business goes.

"With management changes and changes in booking philosophies, that is to be expected to some degree. It will be interesting to see who Impact designates as their first choices to assume vacant, main event level spots."
So far, the stars who have left Impact Wrestling includes Jeff and Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis. The exit of Galloway created an instant change in booking.

New Wrestlers Debuting in Impact Wrestling

At the first television tapings, instant changes occurred in Impact Wrestling. Former WWE world champion Alberto Del Rio showed up under his ring name Alberto El Patron, and he moved into the spot that Impact Wrestling had planned for Drew Galloway.

According to PWInsider, Drew Galloway was supposed to come out and challenge Bobby Lashley at the taping and then win the Impact Wrestling world title. Since Galloway left the company, they signed Alberto on Wednesday, and then he came in and won the world title on his first night in the company.


Other debuts that Impact Wrestling fans will see include the return of Konnan and LAX (at least Homicide), the tag team of Reno Scum from Ring of Honor and Global Force, former NXT wrestler Rachel Ellering, and more.

TNA superstar Abyss spoke to WrestleZone and said that there is a lot of excitement backstage as the new regime takes over. He said the new owners are committed to the company, and things look bright for Impact Wrestling.

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