Andrew Bynum Suffered Setback While Bowling [Rumor]

Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum may have set back his own knee rehabilitation after a game of bowling went terribly wrong.

According to a new report, in early November, Bynum was bowling, which may have weakened cartilage in his right knee.

After Friday night’s game against the Utah Jazz, Bynum told reporters:

“I had a little bit of a setback, and we’re just working through some issues with the right knee. I kind of have a mirror thing going on with my left knee. I don’t know what’s going on, but the doctors are saying pretty much that it’s a weakened cartilage state.”

While many activities are banned in standard NBA contracts, bowling is not one of those typically forbidden personal choices.

Several sources inside the NBA claim that Andrew Bynum will not return to an NBA court until at least January. The All-Star center has yet to practice with his teamates.

Bynum’s temporary departure comes just after he was traded during a four-team trade that also sent Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers

Bynum underwent Orthokine therapy injections in both knees in September, a procedure that was completed in Germany. Following that treatment, Bynum in October received preventative lubricating injections.

As he attempted to rehabilitate his knees, Andrew Bynum bruised the bone on his knee, slowing his rehabilitation.

Exactly how Bynum may have injured his knee while bowling is not known; however, even small tweaks on an already injured body could have done the job.