Karrueche Tran Responds To Chris Brown’s Denial Of Drug Abuse And Violence

Karrueche Tran might be keeping a low profile since filing a restraining order against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown last week, but it appears that the model has accidentally stirred up controversy on social media after she was seen “liking” an Instagram post in which Brown aimed to defend himself against recent reports of drug abuse and violent behavior.

Just one week ago, Karrueche Tran found herself at the center of headlines after filing a restraining order against Brown on claims that Chris was physically abusive towards her and even threatened to kill her and her close friends after calling off their on again, off again relationship in 2015.

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Tran, who announced her public split from Chris Brown after learning that the singer had fathered a child with model Nia Guzman, gave several sworn statements to a judge in which she revealed that Brown “told a few people he was going to kill me” and the singer had even begun to show violent behavior towards her friends and family after several failed attempts to reignite their past relationship.

Just days after the news of Karrueche’s restraining order against Chris Brown began circulating social media, an anonymous source, who alleges to be a former employee of Brown’s, revealed to Billboard that the singer has had an increasingly difficult battle with drug abuse, anger, and violence, thus prompting the recent surge in reports relating to Breezy’s seemingly erratic behavior.

The source further claims that Brown was diagnosed with a “bipolar II” condition in 2014 and often fails to take his prescription medication for the disorder before going on to note several instances in which Brown had been seen “sipping lean,” taking “coke or Molly,” and stalking ex Karrueche Tran on social media.

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In response to the claims, Chris Brown took to Instagram on Friday to combat allegations of drug abuse and violence as a result of his condition, pointing out to fans that the timing of the reports tends to coincide with his announcements regarding the arrival of a new tour or album.


“Y’all got to stop with this angry s***, going through drugs and all this other s***. I’m tired of reading about some s*** as soon as I got something popping. As soon as I wanna promote a tour or party, a f****** album, anything, y’all bring up something,” Chris Brown revealed in his first Instagram video, as captured by Holly Gozzip.

In the second portion of the video, Chris Brown addresses the media’s obsession with his dating life, noting that people continue to criticize him for being seen with several different girls since splitting with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran in 2015.

“Y’all are concerned with what girl I’m talking to or what person I’m dating or who I’m seeing…I’ll be seen with whoever I want to be seen with. Just like you can be. People can be who they want to be,” Brown explained before showing off his impressive collection of foreign cars. “I am not hurting out here, trust me.”

While Karrueche has maintained a low profile on social media since filing her restraining order against Chris Brown, the actress faced criticism from fans after she was seen “liking” an Instagram post from Baller Alert concerning Breezy’s denial of drug addiction and violence, prompting Tran to take to the comment section of the post to deny speculation that she was attempting to “shade” Brown by liking the video.


“My finger slipped. Relax. It was an accident,” Karrueche explained in the comment section of the blog’s post.

Despite Karrueche’s insistence that the Instagram “like” was an accident, some fans continue to bash the model while claiming that Tran is merely seeking attention from the negative press surrounding Chris Brown over the past few weeks.

“I never like a post by accident on IG why she lying for she just like the attention she gets and she know only way to get it is through Chris,” one fan wrote in response to Karrueche’s Instagram comment while another adds, “She liked the post not a comment. It takes a lot more effort than a slip of the finger.”

What do you think of Chris Brown’s denial of the drug abuse and violence allegations?

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