‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Is Cashing In On Her Name ‘How Bow Dah?’

“Cash me outside” girl Danielle Bregoli is apparently cashing in on her fame. The teenager, who became an internet sensation after appearing on The Dr. Phil Show and uttering the infamous words “cash me outside, how bow dah,” is monetizing her notoriety.

Bregoli appears to have money coming in from a few different businesses.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that the “cash me outside” girl is charging up to $40,000 to appear at events. According to her reps, Danielle Bregoli takes $30,000 to appear at events in the U.S. and $40,000 if the event is abroad.

She will reportedly be paid $40,000 to attend the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami in May. Meanwhile, she is set to have her birthday party organized by the same company behind the festival, and she will be getting a cut of the ticket sales.

On Tuesday, TMZ also reported that Bregoli was heading to Hollywood to meet with production companies. Up to seven production companies have reached out to the “cash me outside” girl, according to her reps. Some of these companies are said to be interested in creating a TV series starring Danielle Bregoli and her mom, Barbara Ann Peskowitz.

If she signs a deal with one of these production companies, Bregoli is said to be likely to move to Los Angeles to stay and film the reality TV series.

Besides making money by appearing at events, Bregoli is also selling merchandise branded with her catch-phrase “cash me outside, how bow dah.” It is unclear if there is a high demand for Bregoli’s merch. However, in her video for Kodak Black’s song “Everything 1K,” the “cash me outside” girl does a good job of flaunting her merchandise.

New murch link in my bio @pizzaslime

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There is also a “cash me outside” gaming app developed by Gold Coast Apps, according to Android Guys. It is unclear if Bregoli is getting paid for the app, which features a character modeled after her that players control to pick up items, including cash.

Meanwhile, Danielle Bregoli’s fame seems to be growing rapidly. On Wednesday, Denver Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware invoked the “cash me outside” girl on Twitter to announce that he is set to become a free agent in Spring.

Bregoli made headlines after appearing on The Dr. Phil Show last year when she threatened the audience saying “cash me outside, how bow dah.” After spending four months at a treatment facility, Bregoli appeared to have lost her “attitude and accent.” However, she picked up those traits soon after she was released and made an appearance on The Dr. Phil Show where she claimed to have “made” him.

“I made you just how Oprah [Winfrey] made you,” Bregoli said. “You were nothing before I came on the show.”

The “cash me outside” girl Danielle Bregoli made the headlines for several reasons in the past month. First, news surfaced that the police responded up to 51 times to 911 calls from Bregoli and her mom in the span of just one year, the Inquisitr reported.

Also, Bregoli was involved in a fight with another passenger alongside her mother on a Spirit Airlines flight. As a result, the company has banned she and her mom from flying on its planes. This past weekend, Bregoli was involved in another altercation at a bar in Florida. The brawl reportedly started after someone at the bar made a comment about the “cash me outside” girl being out late in the night. The incident is reportedly being investigated by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Meanwhile, Bregoli raised a few eyebrows this week after she hinted that she would be dropping out of school.

There are speculations that the “cash me outside” girl could earn up to $1 million before the end of the year. However, there is no way to verify this.

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