Trump Hotel In NYC: Suspicious Fire Hurt One, Not Likely Terrorism On 47th Floor

There was a fire that broke out inside an apartment still under construction in the Trump International Hotel, as reported by the New York Post. The publication reports that the fire happened on the 47th floor of the Trump International Hotel and Tower just after 4 a.m. on Friday. The Trump International Hotel and Tower, which has 52 stories, is located on Columbus Circle near Central Park.

At least one person was hurt in the fire at approximately 4:12 a.m. at the Trump Tower and International Hotel in New York, reports

According to the New York Daily News, one person suffered smoke inhalation in the Trump Hotel fire on Central Park West, but that person refused medical attention.

Not to be confused with the Trump tower on Fifth Avenue, the fire at Trump International Hotel In New York was extinguished,at about 5:20 a.m., according to

As soon as news of a fire at the Trump Hotel hit social media, accusations of a cover-up or terrorism were bandied about. However, even though officials called the fire ‘suspicious,’ the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York fire was caused by faulty machinery, reports The Sun. That hasn’t stopped social media mavens from attributing all sorts of theories to the “suspicious” fire at the Trump Hotel. The cause of the fire at the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan is still being investigated.

According to the FDNY, the fire occurred inside the Trump Hotel located at 1 Central Park West, near West 60th Street. Whereas the exact root cause of the fire is still being determined, signs point to construction equipment that might have sparked the fire. Folks on social media, however, are pointing to the witches who attempted to hex or stop President Trump during a recent much buzzed about gathering.

The fire at the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan, according to CBS News, may have sparked when machinery malfunctioned, causing the fire to spread to a second room.

The small fire caused dozens of firefighters and fire trucks to show up, and people are asking if the tarot cards with photos of a flaming tower one week ago had anything to do with the Trump Hotel blaze, according to The Sun. Although the fire was not big enough to evacuate the entire Trump Hotel building, the floors of the building in the upper region are experiencing a ventilation process in order to allay concerns of carbon monoxide fumes.

Reactions from social media about the fire at the Trump Hotel can be read below. Some folks on Facebook joked that the fire at the Trump Hotel means that things are heating up in Mr. Trump’s world. Others looked for the symbolism in the fire at the Trump Hotel. Yet and still other people quipped about the fire at the Trump Hotel being a potential warning or sign from God to the Trump administration about current events.

Fredrik Ax wrote: “Things are getting hot in the Trump world.”

Aaron Brasmer wrote: “Well, this is sure as hell a sign from God above of the coming horrors of this administration.”

Bob Timmerman wrote: “Wonder if any documents were accidentally destroyed in the conflagration?”

Joyce S Presser Johnson wrote: “Trump’s. Pants. On. Fire?”

Zach Schläppi wrote: “I wouldn’t say this, but some people would say a gas soaked filing cabinet, a few cell phones and a disk drive started the fire…”

Debbie Aileen wrote: “Thank the Lord the fire was put out quickly and nobody was injured, only one person was treated for smoke inhalation.”

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