Elvis Presley’s Graceland Gets $45 Million Makeover By Wife

Elvis Presley’s Graceland gets a new $45 million makeover by his wife, Priscilla Presley.

Despite decades after his death, the King of Rock n’ Roll’s legacy remains alive and well with the opening of an entertainment attraction at his estate in Memphis Tennessee on Thursday. According to the Beaumont Enterprise, over 200 people were at the launch of the entertainment complex by the late singer’s wife, Priscilla. The 71-year-old business magnate was on hand to cut a ribbon and allow fans into the sprawling compound which she says connects fans even more with the late legend.

“You’re getting the full gamut of who Elvis Presley was. You’re getting to see and participate a bit in his life and what he enjoyed and what he loved to collect.”

Elvis Presley’s Graceland new addition by Priscilla Presley bears a resemblance to an expansive mall and sits adjacent from the legend’s home that was converted to a museum. The complex includes an array of cars that the king drove, the gold-colored guitars he played, the white-purple jumpsuits he wore on stage, as well as two restaurants, a theater, soundstage and retail stores.

The cars that Elvis Presley drove included a pink 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood, which he eventually gave to his mother, and a sleek black 1973 Stutz Blackhawk he coincidentally drove the day he passed.

There is the Gladys’ Diner named after Presley’s mother. The eatery which has a feel of the 1950’s is replete with pictures of the legendary singer and dotted with aqua-colored chairs and tables where people can purchase and eat ice cream, burgers, and hot dogs. In addition, there is a barbecue joint called Vernon’s Smokehouse which is named after Elvis’ father. An exhibition featuring rock and roll pioneer Sam Philips is presently in the works at the compound.

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The complex is part of a grand $140 million expansion of the Elvis estate and includes a whopping 450-room hotel that threw open its doors last year. A source speaking to the Daily Mail revealed that the complex was a replacement for the aging structures that had housed Elvis Presley memorabilia for years. According to the source, the old exhibition center will make way for an expansive lawn, beautiful landscaping, and trees.

Elvis Presley’s new Graceland complex by Priscilla Presley comes months before the 40th anniversary of the King of Rock n’ Roll’s death on August 16, 2017. Graceland has always been a meeting place for fans of rock and roll, and with the new addition, the Elvis estate continues to remain in the forefront in terms of providing the ultimate tourist experience. People who come can now use their iPads for self-guided tours of the estate. In addition, the dilapidated Heartbreak Hotel, which has been penciled for demolition, has been replaced with a modern guest house.

The Elvis Presley’s Graceland new complex by Priscilla Presley has increased the amount that people pay to access the grounds. Adults who want a tour of the house-museum and want to access the complex at the same time must part with $57.50 as a standard fee. If visitors want to only visit the house, this lowers the price. There are special discounts for children and senior citizens. For those wishing to see the airplanes owned by Presley, it costs an additional $5.

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The Elvis Presley’s Graceland complex initiated by Priscilla Presley is not totally finished. According to her, there is still a warehouse of the King’s artifact still waiting to be displayed. Eager fans like Carol Carey are excited about the new development. The retiree, who made the trip to Graceland from Mississippi, revealed that she could not wait to see it all unfold and had to come.

“We couldn’t wait to see it. We’ve been here every other day, checking it out. Getting used to saying goodbye to the old and seeing friends who are all taking pictures of everything.”

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